Pittsburgh Diving Club - Head Coach (Posted 10/17/2018)

Responsible to: Club Administrators Katherine Hazelton & Alex Kasprzak

Potential Earnings: $35,000-$45,000+ (a combination of salary and commission based earnings- to be negotiated)

We have a vision to continue to legacy of exceptional diving in Pittsburgh, we aim to become the gold standard of junior diving through a fundamentals first approach to all levels within the club.  The Head Coach will manage, develop and deliver a Club program that provides an exceptional training opportunity for all levels and ages in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Through exceptional leadership our Head Coach and staff will inspire, mentor and support our athletes to flourish both inside and outside of the pool.

The Head Coach will develop and grow the pool and dryland program to provide a structure and appropriate training environment for all levels within the club.  This includes beginners, up to athletes with the aspirations to compete and be successful on the National, International and collegiate level.

Coaching responsibilities

Day to day coaching of all levels within the program including but not excluded to:

  • Plan, manage, and deliver individualized annual, weekly and daily training plans for Elite Level divers within the club.
  • Plan, manage and deliver annual, weekly and daily training plans for all teams.
  • Develop and manage Learn to Dive Program; developing a curriculum to ensure exceptional fundamentals first coaching for all members of the program.
  • Constant assessment and evaluation of divers throughout whole program to ensure correct placement and transition of divers.
  • Mentor and develop coaching staff to provide exceptional fundamentals first coaching style throughout entire club.

Administration responsibilities

Day to day management and running of the club including but not excluded to:

  • Plan, manage and communicate all programming and scheduling (practice and competition) to coaching staff and club members
  • Mentoring and management of all coaching staff; ensuring a safe and effective working environment.This includes collection and review of clearances, USA Diving membership etc are up to date
  • Marketing and promoting Pittsburgh Diving Club, increasing club membership in the 6-12 age range specifically.
  • Planning, marketing, management and delivery of Pittsburgh Diving Camps.




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