Hosting a USA Diving championship has numerous benefits, which include:

  • The nation’s top divers (including Olympians for senior national championships) competing for national titles in your city
  • Broadcast opportunities & national media exposure for promotion of your city
  • Economic impact, as families will travel from all areas of the country to your city, utilizing local hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Encouraging youth sport in your community and growth for your local diving club program
  • Hosting the third most popular summer Olympic sport in your town

USA Diving's competitive calendar includes:
- 12 Region Championships – Junior (April/May)
- 6 Zone Championships – Junior (June)
- USA Diving Championships – Junior and Senior
- USA Diving Winter National Championships - Senior


Events currently open for bids

2021 USA Diving Winter National Championships

2022 USA Diving Zone Championships

2022 USA Diving Junior National Championships