Name: Markie Hopkins
Sport: Diving
Height: 5'8"
DOB: 4/12/2001
Birthplace: Laguna Hills, Calif.
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif.
High School: Capistrano Valley High School (2019)
College: Northwestern University
College Year: Junior
College Major: Psychology
Team/Club: Northwestern University
Coach(es): Kris Jorgensen
Personal: Daughter of Mark and Cindy Hopkins...She has one brother, Cody, who dives at the University of Pennsylvania...Markie enjoys getting boba and talking with friends...She trains three to four hours, six days a week...Typically eats two chewy bars during competitions...Likes to play games on her phone in between dives (most recently, she has been playing Water Sort)...Her favorite dive is 5235D on 10-meter...She can watch any of the Fast and Furious movies over and over again...If she could meet anyone, it would be Zendaya...Markie has 116 digits of pi memorized