Name: Jacob Siler
Sport: Diving
Height: 5'5"
DOB: 3/12/1999
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.
College: The Ohio State University
Team/Club: Tennessee Diving
Coach(es): Justin Sochor
Personal: Son of Cheri and Stanley...He has five siblings...Jacob's interests and hobbies include disc golf, rock climbing and glass blowing...He trains 4 hours a day, six days a week...He is studying Speech and Hearing Science...Jacob began diving at age nine and also played basketball, basketball, soccer, track, cross country and wrestling during his childhood...He overcame tearing two ligaments in his left ankle...He was named a 2018 CSCAA Scholar All-American...His first junior nationals was in 2009 and his first senior nationals was in 2015...Jacob would describe his training techniques as unusual because of his love for ninja warrior and always wanting to climb on everything. He has used some strongman implements and techniques in his training to develop his strength and athleticism...It is a lifelong dream of his to win American Ninja Warrior...Generally between dives, Jacob sits in one spot and hangs out with friends, teammates and competitors. He also tries to keep himself warm...His favorite dive is a 303 in all positions...His goal for 2019 is to learn big dives and to do them well...Jacob considers dealing with the frustration that comes along with trying to learn new dives the hardest part of his training...A typical pre-competition meal for Jacob is a lot of fruit, protein bars and pepperoni pizza...Outside of competition, Jacob's favorite meal is pepperoni pizza...If he could do any other profession, he would be a firefighter as he believes helping people is never a dull day on the job...His favorite diver is Patrick Hausding...Jacob describes himself as wild, funny and helpful...His favorite TV show is Prison Break...His favorite movie is Gladiator...His favorite book series is Ergaon...If Jacob could meet anyone it would be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...Something people would be surprised to learn about Jacob is that he pierced both of his ears