Name: Jacob Fielding
Sport: Diving
Height: 5'7"
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
College: Ohio State University (2022)
Team/Club: Ohio State Diving
Coach(es): Justin Sochor
Other Career Highlights
  • 2018 Junior World Championships team member
Personal: Son of Bobbi and James Fielding...He has one sister, Myka...Jacob enjoys bowling and rock climbing...He in majoring in psychology...His mom and sister used to dive competitively...His mom trained with the Dumais brothers when she dove competitively...He started diving at age 3...Jacob shattered his elbow when he was six years old, so he is unable to extend it and bend it all the way. Through the help of both his parents and the Ohio State training staff, he has slowly regained the use of his elbow. He has also suffered from two ankle injuries...He competed in his first junior nationals in 2008 and his first senior nationals in 2015...He was crowned high school state champion in 2017 (California)...His favorite dive is a 5154B in the 3-meter event...Jacob changed his diet in preparation for the 2020 season and says he is probably in the best shape of his life...He considers the early mornings the hardest part about training...Before competition, Jacob will likely eat some fruit and some light carbs. ...Outside of competition, he enjoys pizza...If Jacob was 8" taller, he says he would be play football...He describes himself as dedicated, willing and committed...If Jacob could meet anyone , it would be Tom Hanks