Name: Ali Watson
Sport: Diving
Height: 5' 1"
DOB: 4/26/2001
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
High School: Pine Crest School (2019)
College: Duke University
College Year: Junior
College Major: Neuroscience
Team/Club: Duke Diving
Coach(es): Nunzio Esposto
Personal: Ali is the daughter of Julie and Kevin Watson...She has one younger sibling, Bailey...She started diving in 2012 at age 11 (although she says she tried diving when she was 4 and freaked out)...Ali trains four hours a day, six days a week...Ali enjoys playing with her dogs, working out and playing tennis with her friends and family when she has free time. She is interested in science, specifically biology, neurology and neurosurgery....She would like to be a veterinarian one day...She also enjoys watching baseball (especially the New York Yankess) and would love to meet Derek Jeter...Outside of diving, Ali volunteers at the Humane Society of Broward County...She hopes to become a neurosurgeon...She has been named to the Academic Honor Roll (2015-2019. Ali was also a member of the 2019-2019 National English Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society...Between dives, she listens to music, plays games on her phone and visualizes her next dive...Ali typically listens to upbeat music, sometimes rap. She also listens to songs that help her with confidence...Her favorite dive is a 5253B on 10-meter...Pushing herself after a long week of school and training, especially when she is sore, is the hardest part about training....Before competition, Ali usually eats a lot of protein and some form of energy chews. She also consumers a lot of water she competing...Her favorite meal outside of competition is chicken and rice...If she could play any other sport it would be tennis because both her parents played...Her favorite diver is Abby Johnston...Her favorite t.v. show is Grey's Anatomy