Below you will find links to documents and videos that can be used when discussing the sport of curling in elementary and/or junior high school classes. Documents, including a crossword puzzle and word find, are designed to be printed out and distributed to students as needed. An answer key for instructors is included on the last page of each exercise.

During the period surrounding the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, USA Curling will also be distributing a limited number of youth curling pins to teachers upon request. Pins are commonly traded among curlers and other athletes competing in the Olympic Winter Games. The vast majority of curling clubs also sponsor trading pins representing their curling communities. Teachers can use these pins as incentives for students to complete curling related projects or exercises. If you are interested in receiving youth curling pins (maximum of 10), please send your name, name and address of school, grade level for which pins are intended, and email contact information to Please note that pins can only be distributed to teachers in schools within the United States.

Relevant Documents:

Video Links:

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