Position:    Skip
 Delivers:    Left-handed
 Born:    September 14, 1960, in Superior, Wis.
 Hometown:    Coon Rapids, Minn.
 Occupation:    Home Depot employee
 Family:    Married
 Year started curling:    1979
   6'2 feet
 Weight:    200 pounds


  • U.S. Olympic Team - Curling: 2002 (7th), 1998 (4th in the first-ever full medal curling competition, held in Karuizawa, Japan); 1992 (bronze medalist, Albertville, France)
  • U.S. Olympic Tram Trials - Curling: 2001, 1997, 1991, '87 (champion each year)
  • Men's Worlds: 1999 (semifinalist), 1996 (6th), 1995 (semi-finalist),1992 (bronze)
  • Men's Nationals: 2003 (quarterfinalist), 1999, '96, '95, '92 (champion each year); 1997, '93 (semifinalist each year)
  • Minnesota State Men's Championships: 2003 (third)
  • #1 Ranked Team 1995 - 1997
  • Men's Second Chance: 2003 (A qualifier)
  • Wisconsin State Men's: 1995, '93, '85, '84 (champion each year)
  • Wisconsin State Junior Men's: 1981, '80, '79, '78 (champion each year)


Somerville began curling in high school, after watching his father, Hall of Famer Bud Somerville, play. Tim finished as high as second in the Wisconsin State High School Championships. Tim also credits his father as being a big influence on his curling development. Somerville would like to someday work with computers.

Hobbies: "I like to do pencil drawings, just to see how good I can do them. (He doesn’t save them, though, saying, ‘I’m pretty hard on myself.’) I also keep thinking about getting oil paints." Tim says art and gym were his favorite classes in school.

Other sports: Golf and all kinds of fishing, including for muskies.

Off season training: Golf

Favorites: "Pizza, current movies."

Curling goals: "The biggest thing for me is to see which direction I’m going to be going in the future. That’s exciting for me. Is third or fourth the best I can do (referring to 1992 Olympic demonstration games finish, and ’95 worlds), or can I do better?"

Dreams: "I’d like to have a newer sports car, nothing too fancy, but maybe something like a Monte Carlo."

Heroes: "Muhammad Ali. I just liked the way he changed the world of sports. He was fun to watch, being so sure of himself. He put on kind of a show, but he also showed his seriousness in the ring."

Before every game: "Just keep staying focused and carry on. Superstitions only go so far."

Most memorable curling event: "Winning our first national championship in 1995."