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Teammates Cody Falk, Ben MillerBenjamin Vorpahl, Alexander Vorpahl 
Delivers Right-handed 
Age 20
Occupation Student at Michigan Technological University
Year started curling 2000 
  • U.S. Junior National Championships: 2016, 2015 (9th)
  • Wisconsin Junior Playdowns: 2016 (champion), 2015 (champion)
  • Four time state high school curling finalist: 2 time state champ, 2 time runner-up

About Rob Shlimovitz:

Curls out of: Portage Curling Club

Who/What introduced you to Curling? My dad, Jim Shlimovitz

Who was your favourite athlete growing up? Brett Favre

What other sports do you play? Golf

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions? I wear the same hat every time I’m on the ice for the past ten years.

What is your career highlight to date? Making the game winning shot two separate years in the Wisconsin High School State Curling Championships

Do you have any hidden talents?  Something unique about yourself?

I work at a Christmas Tree farm in the summer and I can shear a pretty mean Christmas Tree

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? You have to take curling one shot, one end, and one game at a time. Every Champion was once a Rookie

What is your favorite sport other then curling? Golf

What is one thing you’d like to do before you die? Travel around the world

What sporting event would you most like to attend? The curling at the Olympics

What do you wish you were better at? Filling out questionnaires like this

Person dead or alive you would most like to have dinner with? My grandma, Ma, because she always makes me my favorite meals

Favourite Bands/Music? Brad Paisley

Television Shows? The Walking Dead, Cops, Duck Dynasty, The Big Bang Theory

What is your favorite Movie(s)? Escanaba in Da Moonlight

Who was most influential in your curling development? My dad, Jim Shlimovitz, because he got me started and involved in curling

What is your most embarrassing moment on the curling ice? Falling during a warm-up slide

Where would you like to spend a week’s vacation? Alaska

What hobbies do you have? Hunting and fishing

What is your earliest curling memory? Saturday morning junior curling

What kind of Training Regimen do you follow? No soda, lots of water, stretching, lots of sleep, and practice as much as I can

Any nicknames? Shlim Shady

Curling Strengths?  Being able to visualizing shots in my head, then going out and executing them

What kind of goals have you set for yourself? To play every game to the best of my abilities and to one day curl at a worldwide event

Do others in your family curl? My dad, Jim Shlimovitz

What do you enjoy most about curling? Creating lifelong friendships

What is your Education background? I am currently a first year student at Michigan Technological University studying Chemical Engineering and mineral processing

Other Olympic sport you’d like to try? Beach volleyball

Most memorable curling experience? Making a ten foot angle raise to the button to win the State high School title

Who is your greatest competitor?  Rival? My teammate: Ben Vorpahl. We’ve being curling on the same team together for years and we always like to compete and challenge each other.  We strive to make each other better whenever we are out playing

Favorite color? Purple