Position:    Retired
 Delivers:    Left-handed
 Born:    November 28, 1962
 Hometown:    Point Pleasant, NJ
 Family:    Married; two sons
 Year started curling:    2007

Curling Highlights:

  • World Wheelchair Championship: 2011 (7th), 2009 (4th), 2008 (bronze)
  • Paralympic Winter Games: 2010 (4th)

About Jacqueline Kapinowski:

Curling Start:  "I met James Joseph at the boilermaker wheelchair race in July 2007 and he came up to me and asked if I ever curling.  I say no, but I was familiar with the sport.  My dad was born and raised in Scotland.  JAM (Jimmy Joseph) introduced me to Marc DePerno and Marc researched clubs in my area that woudl allow a disabled person.  The Plainfield Curling Club allowed me to come and give it a try.  I feel in love with the sport after I threw my first stone.  Four months later to the day, I came home with a bronze medal."

Curls out of:  Plainfield Curling Club