Position Olympian, world champion
Hometown Rio, Wis.

Occupation: Goldline distributor

Family: Married to Pete McCormick

Year started curling: 1988

Education: Associate's degree in applied science


  • U.S. Olympic Team - Curling: 2014 (10th), 2010 (10th), 2002 (4th), 1998 (5th)
  • U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 2014 (champion), 2010 (champion), 2006 (silver), 2002 (champion), 1998 (champion)  
  • Women's World Championship: 2013 (4th), 2011 (7th as alternate for Patti Lank), 2009 (9th), 2008 (7th), 2007 (4th), 2006 (silver), 2003 (gold), 2001 (5th), 1996 (silver)
  • U.S. National Championships: 2015, 2013 (champion), 2012 (6th), 2011 (4th), 2009 (champion), 2008 (champion), 2007 (champion), 2006 (champion), 2005 (runner-up), 2004 (runner-up), 2003 (champion), 2002 (runner-up), 2001 (champion), 1996  (champion as an alternate);  2000, 1998, '97 (semifinalist each year)
  • Continental Cup: 2017 (captain for Team North America), 2014 (champion), 2008 (runner-up), 2007 (champion), 2006 (runner-up), 2003 (runner-up)
  • Junior Nationals: 1994, '93, '92, '91 (champion each year); 1990 (bronze medalist)
  • Junior Worlds: 1994 (silver), 1993 (bronze), 1992 (silver), 1991 (5th)
  • Karuizawa International Bonspiel: 2006, 2004 (silver)
  • USA Curling Athlete of the Year: 2006, 2003
  • USA Curling Team of the Year: 2013, 2003

About Debbie McCormick:

Curls out of: Pardeeville and Madison

Debbie's father Wally Henry is the person that introduced Debbie and her brother, Donnie, to the game of curling. Wally is an avid curler himself and won bronze medals in the 1986 and '91 World Curling Championships.

Wally has been Debbie's team coach for the last three years, team manager at the 2001 and 2003 World Championships and assistant coach at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games

Debbie's husband, Pete, proposed to her at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. They were married in 1999 and live in Rio, Wis. Debbie and Pete are very active in their community. Debbie was been vice president of the Pardeeville Curling Club for the last four years. She was the coach of the Pardeeville Boys Curling team for two seasons 2003 and 2004.

What I'd like the world to know about curling: "That curling is a very physically and mentally challenging sport; it requires total team effort to be successful. I wish that everyone could have a chance to play this sport. I think they would be surprised to find out how challenging and fun it really is."

Favorites: "The Amazing Race and the Price is Right are my favorite TV programs. I am also a "wheel watcher" even though I can't spell very well. I would love to go on the Price is Right and win fabulous prizes along with a red convertible. I enjoy scrap-booking, kayaking, pheasant hunting with doggies Ellie & Ava and spending time with my husband, Pete."

Heroes: "My father, because he has always supported me in everything I do. He also gave me some great curling genes." 

Getting started in curling: "My family and I are Canadians by birth, and my father curled in Canada long before I was a twinkle in his eye. When my father was transferred to Madison, Wis., for his job, he stumbled across the Madison Curling Club. My brother and I were practically raised at the curling club in the wintertime.  I remember sitting on the curling stones and pushing each other around on the ice; once we got too big to do that, we started playing."