Position:    Lead
 Delivers:    Right-handed
 Born:    May 1, 1975, in Elmira, NY
 Hometown:    Pittsford, NY
 Occupation:    Engineer with Xerox Corp.; co-owner of 12th End Sports Network
 Education:    Bachelor's degree in engineering from Penn State University
 Family:    One son, one daughter
 Year started curling:    2005

Curling Highlights:

  • 2012 Rochester Men's Club champion
  • 2010 Rochester Men's Club champion
  • 2010 Big Pumpkin champion
  • 2009 Rochester Men's Club champion

About Brian Anderson:

Curls out of: Rochester Curling Club

What other sports do you play?
Golf, Volleyball

What is your career highlight to date?

Winning the men's club championship 3 times.

Do you have any hidden talents? Something unique about yourself?
I like to woodwork

What is your favorite sport other than curling?

What is one thing you'd like to do before you die?
Watch my children grow old

What sporting event would you most like to attend?

What do you wish you were better at?

Favorite Bands/Music?
Dream Theater ... and all progressive rock/metal

Who was most influential in your curling development?
Cailtlin Maroldo ... I want to be like her when I grow up

What is your most embarrassing moment on the curling ice?
Falling on to the handle of a rock on my back while showing some friends how to curl. I had nerve damage for about 3 months.

Where would you like to spend a week's vacation?
Somewhere like Hawaii ... or Hawaii

What hobbies to you have?
Woodworking, photography, programming

Curling Strengths? Weaknesses?

Strengths: playing lead or second; Weaknesses: My skip

What do you enjoy most about curling?
Sweeping, teammates and the precision required.

Most memorable curling experience?

Winning club men's championship 3 times

Favorite color?