Build the House - Support USA Curling                                

 The United States Curling Association (USCA) is a nonprofit organization committed to the growth and development of the sport of curling in the U.S. Support for the USCA will not only benefit our Olympic programs but also provide critical support for growth and development of member clubs throughout the country.

Areas of Need:

  • USCA Greatest Need: unrestricted dollars are most impactful because they enable the USCA to direct additional funding to development of programs and services in most need of financial support.
  • Youth Programs: These programs provide support for regional club programs as well as outreach to schools and nationwide youth programs looking to teach children about the sport.
  • Wheelchair Curling: Donations will support the growth and development of the Paralympic team as well as growth and outreach of programs across the country, including Veterans outreach.
  • Growth and Development of Curling in the U.S.: Provides support for outreach to fans of curling, newly developing clubs and regions, as well as support for more established clubs looking to develop new programs.
  • High Performance Training/Team USA: Gifts provide support for the identification, training and support of our future Olympic hopefuls.

Ways to Give:

Other Types of Giving: