USA Canoe/Kayak Insurance Program

December 2, 2016

Steps for current USACK members on how to transition to the ACA Insurance program for clubs, affiliates, and members.

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November 30, 2015

(Fredericksburg, VA) - Insurance for USACK Clubs & Events

As part of the combination process, USA Canoe/Kayak will offer a variety of insurance programs for athletes, clubs, coaches and officials through the ACA. 

The ACA will be a provider of insurance services for clubs, events and hulls.  As of December 1st, USACK will no longer have an insurance program for clubs and events.

In order to apply for ACA Insurance, clubs must be an ACA Paddle American Club
 (PAC) and club members must also be a member of the ACA.  This is the same system / process that was utilized by USACK.  The ACA Insurance Program has not changed.

On December 1, 2015, all current USACK members, clubs and affiliates will be given a complementary 1-year membership to the ACA in order to ensure a continuation of insurance coverage. An email will be sent from USACK describing this process.


We realize there might be some transitional challenges associated with this insurance process. Please contact us if a club or an individual member needs assistance.

For additional information, please contact the USACK Insurance Coordinator based out of the ACA National Office. 



INSURANCE COVERAGE - Transition from previous to current coverage options


General Liability Insurance

Current as of December 1, 2015: This will now be provided through the ACA. Please visit the ACA's Insurance Program webpages for information on how to apply.

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Previous info: USA Canoe/Kayak provides this important coverage as a membership benefit at no additional cost. The USA Canoe/Kayak General Liability policy provides liability protection for it's member athletes, clubs, coaches, umpires, and volunteers from claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury in connection with covered activities. Most venue owners will require that this insurance be in place before a club is allowed to utilize venue facilities.


Participant Accident Insurance

Current as of December 1, 2015: This policy has not been renewed at the present time.  


Previous info: USA Canoe/Kayak provides Excess Medical and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for members who are participating in sanctioned events and approved activities.


Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (optional)

Current as of December 1, 2015: This policy has not been renewed at the present time.


Previous info: Directors and Officers Liability insurance is offered at an additional cost to all USA Canoe/Kayak member clubs. This important coverage is not the same as General Liability; D&O insurance protects club directors & officers from personal liability associated with their wrongful acts, errors, and omissions in their performance of duties for the club. Typical D&O claims often allege mismanagement of funds and negligent decisions affecting club members, participants, coaches, officials and others.


Hull Insurance (optional)

Current as of December 1, 2015:  The USACK Hull Insurance policy lasts until January 11, 2016.  After that time, clubs wishing for hull insurance should consider transitioning to the ACA's Hull Insurance Program.  USACK is currently not planning on renewing it's Hull Insurance Program for 2016.


Previous info: Personal Property Insurance for club-owned Boats & Related Equipment and Property, aka Hull Insurance.


Certificates of Insurance

Current as of December 1, 2015: Certificates of insurance are available from the ACA for those clubs and events that have transitioned to the ACA's Insurance Program.

Previous info: Certificates of insurance are available from USA Canoe/Kayak upon request. Each certificate requested and issued is subject to a fee. A certificate may be used if a third party, such as a field owner, school or sponsor, requests proof of general liability coverage, or requires being added to the policy as an "additional insured."