Discipline/Event: Canoe Slalom; K1
Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 6'0"
School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Club: Nantahala Racing Club

Career Highlights:

  • 2012 U.S. National Championships: 4th
  • 8th place at 2012 Oceania Open
  • 4-time member of U.S. National Team (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010)
  • 2009 U.S. National Champion
  • 3rd in K-1 Team Race at 2003 Junior Pre-World Championships
  • 2nd at 2010 U.S. National Team Trials
  • 10th at 2009 World Series German Open
  • 18th at 2006 World Cup Race #1 in Athens, Greece


  • Honors: Recipient of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and Georgia Tech G.F. Amelio Graduate Fellowship
  • Job: Student, PhD in biomedical engineering
  • Hobbies: Skiing, soccer, bicycling


President's Undergraduate Research Award Fall 2009 Bradley-Turner Servant Leadership funds Fall 2008-Present Senior Design Finalist, World Food Programme Supply Chain Optimization Fall, 2008 Georgia Tech Dean's Scholarship 2004 Georgia Tech President's Scholarship semifinalist 2004

Describe the circumstances of making your first National Team:

In 2006 I was not, in absolute terms, among the three fastest kayaks in the country. At the 2006 US Team Trial, however, I raced near my potential and some others did not race at theirs. As a result I was third and made the National Team

Describe the significance of representing your country:

The United States has institutions for supporting Olympic sports that differ greatly from their counterparts in much of the world; especially Europe, Canada, Russia and China. While athletes in those countries are supported by their national government we are left to find support for ourselves. In many cases this requires US athletes to have a second job to support their training. International success in this system, to me, is a statement of the American mentality; dedication and determination to reach the greatest of goals.

What non-canoe/kayak athlete do you most admire and why?

When I was a kid it was Joe Montana, now days I don't really have a hero. MJ was a great competitor if I had to choose.

Who do you look up to?

Both my parents, but especially my father. He has taught me so much, and there is plenty left. I simply hope that I can do as well for my children as they have done for me. I am lucky.

Most interesting fact(s) about you?

I'm a nerd, and an athlete.

If I wasn't paddling, I would be...

...doing schoolwork, skiing, playing soccer or sports in general, with friends, reading, watching films.