• WK4 at 2009 ICF Junior Canoe Sprint World Championship

At 4 years of age Giulia's family took a post on the Cook Island atoll of Manihiki. These 6 months were spent in an environment without motorized vehicles, where canoes and slippers were the major forms of transport. At that time she became accustomed to maneuvering in a canoe.

At age 9 Giulia was a member of  Lanikai Canoe Club (LCC), a Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling organization established for youth in 1953. Her family has been members of LCC since early 1970s. At the age of 10 Giulia was called to the state race crew of 12 and under girls, and from there on has seen many successful canoe paddling regatta seasons.

In 9th grade Giulia joined Iolani high school kayak team. That year her team won the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) team championship for the first time ever, and she took 6th place individually in the sprint 250m course. In 10th grade her team won the ILH championship and she took 2nd to a team mate in the 2000m sprint event. In 11th grade the Iolani team won the championship and she won the individual 2000m championship event as well as the ILH series. She missed the fall training camp in Chula Vista but began attending Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team (HCKT) practices at her outrigger canoe coaches’ prompting. In the winter and spring of that year she participated at the state level in a one man outrigger (OC1) competition organized by the Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association, and as a 16 year old won second place for women in short course for the series. The short course consisted of races from 5 to 13 miles in open ocean conditions. That season culminated with a relay crossing of the Molokai Channel in an OC2 with 3 other junior team members. The course is approximately 40 miles starting from the shore of the island of Molokai finishing at a yacht harbor on Oahu. She attended the National Development Camp in the summer.  In grade 12 Giulia focused (outside of school) on training with HCKT. She again won ILH individual competition however her team fell to second. She did miss a crucial race of the school season while attending the fall camp at Chula Vista. Giulia also attended mini-camps, in winter and spring, before the Team Trials held in April of 2009. She succeeded at Team Trials along with her partner in the K2, Katy Hill, and they were, along with the rest of the team, altogether called to the Jr. World Sprint Canoe-Kayak Championship competition being held in Moscow, Russia.