Events/Discipline: Canoe Slalom and Canoe Freestyle, K1 Women
Birthdate: 3/13/1990
Hometown: Rock Island, Tenn.
Current Residence: Wherever my van is parked
Height: 5’3”

Career Highlights:
  • 2x World Freestyle Champion
  • Placed Top 3 in Every freestyle event since 2006
  • Won African Olympic Trials in 2008
  • #1 US Slalom Paddler 2009
  • US Freestyle Team since 2003- 9 Years Straight
  • 7x Teva Mountain Game Winner
  • 2012 U.S. Olympic Slalom Team Trials in Charlotte: 3rd
  • 2012 Slalom World Cup No. 1 in Cardiff, Wales: 43rd

Recent Results:

  • 47th at 2012 Slalom World Cup No. 3
  • 50th at 2012 Slalom World Cup No. 2
  • 43rd at 2012 Slalom World Cup No. 1

Nickname: EJ2
Job: Kayaker
Hobbies: running, road biking, reading, eating, walking my dogs, playing Connect 4 with my husband
Favorite Quotes: “Be the change you see in the World” - Ghandi; “Do something everyday that scares you” - Eleanor Roosevelt.
Trivia: I’m a wicked cook!
Twitter: @emilykayak

Honors/Awards: Named to Crocs Inspiring Soles Squad in 2008 for donating some $30,000 of her own prize money over the past three years to Soft Power Health. Soft Power Health, founded and run by Jackson family friend and fellow Inspiring Soles athlete Jessie Stone, focuses on prevention and treatment of malaria at the headwaters of the Nile.
How’d you get started paddling? My Father was a 1992 Olympian, grew up in an RV paddling around the US and Canada, and started the #1 Whitewater Kayaking manufacturing business in the World. In 2002 I got completely hooked and been on the US Team since.
Who’s your hero? My family; my mother for teaching me make the best out of every experience, my father for teaching me to enjoy every moment, my brother for teaching me to not get caught up in the mental games, my husband for bringing out the best in me, my grandmother for showing its never too late to change and the rest for supporting me every step of the way.