Welcome to USA Boxing’s Coach Education Resource Center. To become a coach with USA Boxing, you must register with USA Boxing each calendar year, complete the SafeSport Certification course (online), and complete the USA Boxing Green Certification Course (online: see instructions below).

Link to USA Boxing Registrationhttp://www.teamusa.org/usa-boxing/membership/registration

Link to SafeSport: Members can access SafeSport through their online profile or go to this link: http://safesport.org/toolkit/coaches/take-the-training/


The Green Coach Certification/Exam is whole and complete on its own. The exam has 50 questions and each question has an attached document or video to refer to for the answer. The coach will need 100% to pass the exam. After the coach has submitted the exam, the wrong answers will appear on the screen to retry. This process will repeat until a 100% score is attained (NOTE: if you need to leave the exam BEFORE you have finished, to save your progress you must submit the incomplete exam. This will be saved in your profile for you to return to later). When you are ready to take the exam, click here to log into your USA Boxing Member Profile.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for Green and take the exam:

  1. Log into your USA Boxing account on webpoint
  2. In the left blue pane called Member Home: select Member Area
  3. In the left blue Member Area pane: select Coach Certification
  4. In the left blue Member Area pane: select the subheading also titled Coach Certification. Review the application. Click Continue, then click Submit.
  5. After you submit the certification application you should see a prompt for the exam. To take the exam separate from the certification application, go to the left blue Member Area pane: select Take Online Exam. In this window you will see and click Green Coach Training & Test.
  6. The exam will appear in a separate window. Complete the exam and submit your answers.

Transitioning from the Legacy Levels to the new American Development Model (ADM)

For the past few years there have been no elevations from one level to the next through the old system (which we have renamed the Legacy Levels). Prior to your Legacy Level 2, 3 or 4 expiring, you will receive an email prompting you to take the recertification exam. As long as your Legacy Level 2, 3 or 4 is up to date, it will remain on your membership card. The Legacy Level 1 will be non-existent once it expires, and you are required to pass the new online Green Level certification to maintain your coach status.

Here is a brief distinction of each of the new ADM levels:

Green Level

  • For entry level coaches
  • online
  • teach basic technical and tactical
  • introduction to:
    • hydration
    • nutrition
    • club show match making guidelines

Bronze Level

  • coaching boxers for single day events
  • in-person class (max. 25). 16hr
  • introduction to:
    • dynamic warm-up
    • coordination drills
    • teaching fundamentals to individuals (mitts) and groups
    • how to work a corner
    • 5-stage American Development Model (USA version of LTAD)

Silver Level

  • coaching boxers for domestic tournaments/multi-day events
  • in-person class (max. 15). 16hr + home assignments
  • review Bronze warm-up and coordination drills
  • introduction to:
    • advanced skills
    • strategies
    • periodization
    • film study
    • psychology
    • strength & conditioning

Gold Level

  • coaching boxers for international tournaments
  • in-person at Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • TBD

High Performance Coaching Pool

USA Boxing accepts applications for additional coaches to join the High Performance Coaching Pool between October and December of each year. Selections are made based on a variety of criteria, including:

• Experience developing successful boxers who attain national competition success
• USA Boxing and AIBA coaching certification levels
• Responses to short answer questions.