Name: Oshae Jones

Birthdate: 01/03/1998

Current residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio

Weight class: Welterweight (69 kg/152 lbs.)

Gym name: Soul City Boxing Gym

Coach name: Otha Jones

Year you began boxing: 2011

Inside the Ring:

USA Boxing National Tournaments

2018 Elite National Championships - 1st

2017 Elite National Championships - 1st

2017 Eastern Elite Qualifier - 1st

2016 Elite National Championships - 1st

2016 Youth Open - 1st

2014 National PAL - 1st

International Results

2019 Pan American Games - 1st

2019 Pan American Games Qualifier - 2nd

2019 Strandja Tournament - 3rd

2018 Elite World Championships (New Delhi, India)

2018 Boxam Tournament (Spain) - 3rd

2017 Continental Championships - 2nd

Outside the Ring:

Favorite sports team: Soul City boxing team

Favorite food: Chicken with ranch and noodles

Favorite movie: Friday

Favorite musical artist: Chief Keef and Cardi B

Favorite boxer: Otha Jones III