Birthday: 11/28/2001

Currently reside: Oahu, Hawaii

Hometown: Waianae, Hawaii

Weight Class: 125 lbs 

Height: 5’9"

Coach's name: Phil

Club name: Boxfit808

When did you start boxing and why:I started boxing 7 years ago, and I love boxing. I keep watching Manny Pacquiao and he’s been my inspiration for a very long time, and I wanted to be like him that’s why I started to compete just like him and why I fell in love with this sport. 

Amateur record: 46-5

Career highlights to this point: Silver Gloves 2017 Regionals, advanced to Nationals in Feb. 

If you weren't boxing, what would you be doing: basketball, football, eating, lifting, and sleeping

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why: Manny Pacquiao was my biggest inspiration when I was little, because my dad would watch every fight of his and I would watch too. I was excited and I wanted to try boxing, and now I fell in love with this sport, and I like getting punched but mostly I love winning. 

What motivates you the most: My family motivates me a lot because they are always there for me and keep cheering me on. 

What are five things people don't know about you: 1. I don’t cause problems. 2.I’m humble. 3. Hard working. 4. Awesome guy that does great stuff. 5. Friendly person

National Titles Won: 3x National titles, 2016 USA Boxing National Championships