Date of birth: 08/13/1998

Place of birth: Las Vegas, NV 

Height: 6'1"

Coaches names: Freudis Rojas-Londres

Club name: Pound 4 Pound 

Residence: Las Vegas, NV 

Stance: Southpaw 

Number of training hours per week: 24 hours 

Number of total bouts: 64 

When you began boxing: 11-years-old 

Who was the most influential person in your career: My family and God 

Is there any family connections to boxing: Yes, brother, dad and uncles 

Boxing idol: My dad 

Hobbies: Cooking 

Achievements: Won Best Boxer Award five times,  two-time best bout award winner and four-time National Champion.

2018 Feliks Stamm Bronze Medalist

2017 World Championship Bronze Medalist

2017 Continental Championship Bronze Medalist

2017 Chemistry Cup Silver Medalist

2016 USA Boxing Elite National Champion