Birthday: 4/26/03

Residence: Avondale, AZ.

Weight Class: 154lbs

Height: 5'11"

Coach: Jorge Garcia (dad) George Garcia (Grandpa)

Club name: Hammers Boxing Gym (Glendale, AZ.)

When did you start boxing and why: First fight was 10/24/15 I stated training to fight in 2014. My dad boxed and was on the U.S. travel team for a few years and also fight pro. My grandpa also fought pro and was California state champion. My uncle Jesus Gonzales was a really good amateur. He won multiple nationals and the U.S. championships in 02' Las Vegas. His dad boxed as well. I never planned on boxing, I wrestled and played football for the most part.

Career Highlights to this point: Winning the 2017 nationals had been the best part this far.

What do you think is your greatest asset in the ring: I believe my greatest assets are my team. I also believe that my height and the way I listen to my corner is very important. Using my length and distance is important as well.

If I wasn't boxing: I'd be wrestling and playing baseball for my high school.

I am inspired by: my family members that where boxer's. My dad, uncle and grandfather's and that motivates me to be even better.

5 things people don't know about me: I have 2 French bulldogs, Palm Valley Church (christian), I have 2 brothers Elexus (12) Emilio (8), I broke my arm and leg as a kid, I go to La Joya High School in Avondale, AZ.

National Titles Won: 2017 National Championships