Birthday: 04/29/2000

Residence: Homosassa, FL

Weight Class: 201+ lbs.

Height: 6'4"

Coach’s name: Don Hadden, Anthony Vasquez, John Brown

Club name: Citrus County Boxing Academy

When did you start boxing and why: I started boxing when I was around 8 years old, my father always wanted to make sure my brother and sister and I could defend ourselves if need be, and we took it to the next level through competition.

Career Highlights to this point: 2015 JO Golden Gloves Florida State Champion, 2017 Western National Champion, 2017 JO National Finalist, 2017 National Champion, 2018 Emil Jechev Memorial Tournament bronze medalist, 2018 Youth Continental Championships gold medalist, 2018 Youth World Championships qualifier

What do you think is your greatest asset in the ring: Footwork.

If you weren’t boxing, what would you be doing?: Camping, fishing, and hiking.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why: Definitely my mother and father, they have always been pushing me to do more and become even better and most importantly have fun.

What motivates you the most: The goals I strive to achieve.

What are five things most people don’t know about you: People know just about everything.

National Titles Won: 2017 National Championships