Birthday: 01/19/00


Currently reside: Coachella, CA


Weight class: 152 lbs


Height: 5’3”


Coach’s name: Alex Ortiz


Club name: Lee Espinoza Coachella Boxing Club


When did you start boxing and why: I first started boxing when I was eight, because my sister wanted to join the sport and I had no one to take care of me at home. Eventually, I had to start losing weight because I was going into middle school, and my dad wanted me to avoid getting bullied. One day my dad made me spar in my backyard against some kids who were messing with me, and once I had my gloves and headgear, as well as having my dad teach me what to do, I ended up knocking them both down. That moment was when my dad knew I had the potential I needed to compete. From then on, my dad was impressed on how well I followed his instructions, and I started sparring more often. 


Amateur Record: 29-0


Career highlights to this point: 2016 Junior National Championship, 2016 Junior Olympic Championship, 2016 WBC Belt at Beautiful Brawlers, 2016 Youth National Championships, Four Gold Medals, 3x National Champion


What do you think is your greatest asset in the ring: My ability to adapt to different styles and still manage to put pressure on my opponent. 


If you weren’t boxing, what would you be doing? Honestly, I have no idea because boxing has changed my life completely. 


Who has been your biggest inspiration and why: My first biggest inspiration is my sister, who started the sport because she was a really good boxer/brawler, but unfortunately decided to stop competing. Now, my biggest inspiration is Cecilia Braekhus, who is the undisputed female welterweight champion and the first woman to hold all titles at the same time. Mike Tyson is another one of my biggest inspirations because he always fought against taller opponents and still managed to beat them up. I usually get compared to him everywhere I go and that inspires me to want to become a legend like he was. 


What motivates you the most: My biggest motivation is knowing that I can become someone known in boxing, because of the potential I have. I’m never satisfied and I always want more when it comes to competing. Also, the fact that I want to attend the 2020 Olympic Games, as well as eventually turn Pro. “Hopefully, AIBA adds another division between 132 lbs and 165 lbs.” I said this 2 years ago and it’s like my wish came true! Now what motivates me the most is that there will be a 152lbs division as an Olympic weight class, therefore I am going to work hard to earn my spot.


What are five things that most people don’t know about you: 1) My first and middle name have the same meaning which is “Star”. 2) I was over 220lbs when I started boxing. 3) My hobby is going to the movies every week. 4) I have a french fries obsession. 5) Since I was a baby, I visit my family in México City every summer.


National titles won: 2016 Junior & Youth National Champion, 2016 Junior Olympic Champion, 2016 Oxnard National PAL Champion, 3x Desert Showdown Champion, 2015 Gene Lewis Champion, 2016 Binational Champion, 2017 Youth National Champion, 2017 Mexican National Champion