Weight Class: Light Heavyweight/178 lbs/81 kg

Height:  6-1

Weight:  178 pounds

Birth date: July 8, 1992

Hometown: Ashland City, Tennessee

Coach's Name: Richie Plant

Club Name: Stone Warrior Combat Sports

Began Boxing:  12 years old

Who has been your biggest influence and why:  My father, brother and two sisters always keep me going

How did you get involved in boxing: My father was a boxer

What is your greatest strength in the ring: Speed and footwork

Did you ever play any other sport: Football

What do you love most about boxing: As soon as you step into the ring it doesn't matter what race, religion, or status is; it only matters how hard you work

What are your goals in and out of the ring: To be the best boxer I can be and do God's work to the best of my ability

What is your favorite TV Show: Fuel TV

What is something about you that most people don't know:  I like to dance
USA Boxing National Championships - 4th Place