Name: Albert Ballard


Birthday: March 7th, 2002

Residence: Detroit, Michigan

Weight Class: 176 lbs.

Height: 5’11

Coach’s name: Danyell Ballard

Club name: Hands on boxing

When did you start boxing and why: Started boxing when I was seven years old. I always wanted to box because it looked interesting and I like to workout, but my dad didn't want me to. I was hit by a car and was thrown up in the air and made it out with just bruises and scraps, so it was then my dad said "if you can get hit by a car that hard and not have any broken bones then I guess you can start boxing".

Amateur Record: 21-11


Career Highlights to this point: Won some major championships: Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves, Junior Olympics, Eastern Qualifier, and several medals and trophies also won James Toney. Won several awards and medals in Gymnastics in different states. I was featured in a boxing magazine, my school newspaper, and have been on Detroit TV News.

What do you think is your greatest asset in the ring: My footwork and jabs.

If you weren’t boxing, what would you be doing?: Construction work or playing another sport.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why: Roy Jones he is faster than anyone he fights, he fights in different weight classes, his power punch, he moves quick.

What motivates you the most: The support of my family, friends and even at my school. I love seeing my family proud of me. I like to win the more I win the more I want to do better and win biggest belts.

What are five things most people don’t know about you: I like to eat lots of food, I can flip well, I like to dance, I laugh a lot and not much of a talker, and I love to play games.  

National Titles Won: Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves, Junior Olympics, James Toney, Eastern Qualifiers.