Executive Advisors

John Brown

John Brown, USA Boxing Vice President, has devoted over 45 years to the sport of boxing at the amateur and professional level. The founder and former owner of Ringside, Inc., Brown has served as his local boxing committee president since 1985, as well as sitting on the National Golden Gloves Board of Directors. The 2009 USA Boxing Coach of the Year, Brown has trained 19 national champions, including Cam F. Awesome.

Chris Cugliari

Chris is the Chief Executive Officer of the USA Boxing Alumni Association. His involvement with amateur boxing started in 2006 as part of the University of Notre Dame's "Bengal Bouts" boxing program. Chris was a two year captain of the Notre Dame Boxing Team and 2010 Bengal Bouts Champion, and as President of the Bengal Bouts in 2010, helped the program generate a $100,000 donation to support education initiatives in Bangladesh. Chris later served as volunteer and mentor to the Chicago Youth Boxing Club and the Atlas Cops and Kids Boxing team. He continues to train today at Church Street Boxing Gym in New York City.

Christy Halbert

Christy Halbert joins the USA Boxing Alumni Association's Executive Advisors after years of helping bring women's boxing to the level it has reached today. A former professional boxer herself, Dr. Halbert has led numerous coaching courses throughout the world, written numerous books in regards to the sport of boxing, as well as runs her own non-profit boxing club in Nashville. She received the United States Olympic Committee's Torch Award in 2011 for her pioneering work in the development and advancement of women's Olympic boxing. The following year she served as one of the coaches for Team USA in the London Olympics. Dr. Halbert was inducted into the inaugural class of the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014. 

Mike McAtee

Mike McAtee joined USA Boxing in June 2016, but has been involved in the sports since the age of 12. After his boxing days concluded, Mike worked for a boxing equipment manufacture for several years, as well as trained amateur and professional boxers. He then went on to the Lawrence, Kan. Police Department, where he was a Police Detective for 25 years, with 22 years as a member of the SWAT Team. During his time with the department he also trained Police Recruits fitness boxing. He is now currently the Executive Director of USA boxing.

Dennis O'Connell

Dennis O'Connell, the former Executive Director of the Arizona Boxing and MMA commission, is currently a USA Boxing Master's Official, member of the USA Boxing Appeals Committee and Trustee for the USA Boxing Foundation. O'Connell is also the former Senior Trial Attorney for major Midwest Gas Utility and the former Administrative Law Judge in Arizona. He also is a current member of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission and the past Vice-Chair of AIBA Legal Commission. O'Connell also is a licensed professional boxing referee and judge, as well as a licensed professional MMA judge.

Lew Perkins

 Lew Perkins is no stranger to amateur sports having spent the entirety of his career in collegiate athletics. Perkins' background includes serving as the Athletic Director for the University of Kansas, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, College Park, Wichita State University and University of South Carolina Aiken. During his tenure, he became known for helping universities re-establish proper NCAA regulations. He retired from the University of Kansas in 2010. Perkins has served on the USA Boxing Board of Directors as an Independent Director since 2015.

Al Valenti

Al Valenti has been involved with boxing since 1982. He has served as a member of the USA Boxing Board of Directors, as well as been the Executive Director of USA Boxing New England. He has staged over 200 various amateur boxing events, including the 1992 Olympic Trials in Worcester, Mass., the 2012 NCBA National Championships at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, 16 international dual competitions, and most recently serves as a Special Projects Consultant for USA Boxing. In addition to his promotion of amateur boxing events, Al has promoted over 100 professional boxing events, including the Gatti-Ward trilogy, as well as events televised by NBC, CBS, ESPN, HOB, NESN and Showtime.


Board of Advisors

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Bert August Dick Hoffman Eric Botjer  
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