National Office:

USA Boxing

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO  80909 

Phone: (719) 866-2300

Fax: (719) 866-2132




National Headquarters Staff

Executive Department

Mike McAtee - Executive Director

Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas 

Education: BS in Criminal Justice from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas

Background: I have been with USAB since June 2016. In regards to my path to USAB it has been a life time journey. I started boxing when I was 12-years-old competed in Junior Olympics, Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves. I then worked for a boxing equipment manufacture for several years. I have trained amateur and professional boxers, later competed as a Masters Division Boxer and recently ran a gym training Masters boxers and providing boxing fitness classes. I retired from the Lawrence KS Police Department as a police Detective, 25 years of service, 22 years as a member of our SWAT team and trained Police Recruits fitness boxing.

Primary Job Duties: Director of Boxing Operations, responsible for the “Boxing Mission” of USA

Hobbies: I like working out; boxing, running and weight lifting

Favorite Expression: "If not me, who?"

I will never be seen without... Phone

Three things that are left on my bucket list : Going to an Army v. Navy football game; visiting the White House; Going to the Olympic Games

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... The Cowboys starring John Wayne 

Contact Mike - E: 



Stacy Arredondo – Executive Assistant

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Education: BS in Recreation Administration

Background: 5 years planning programs and events for a parks & rec department, 3 years doing publicity for military activities and 4 years as a church office manager.

Primary Job Duties: Assist Executive Director and USA Boxing staff

Hobbies: Traveling, scrapbooking, my kids’ activities, and reading

Favorite Expression: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

I will never be seen without... A to go coffee cup

3 things that are left on my bucket list: hot air balloon ride, own a Florida vacation home, and travel to Australia (already met my goal of traveling to all 50 states)

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: College Road Trip

Contact Stacy - E: P: 719-866-2302

Membership Department

Lynette Smith - Director of Membership Services

Hometown: Oostburg, Wisconsin 

Education: Finished High School in Orlando, Florida and took numerous college courses while living overseas as a military spouse. 

Background: With USA Boxing for 11 years; previously worked with not-for-profit organizations most of my career. 

Primary Job Duties: Member customer service, LBC leadership liaison, handle issues and grievances/appeals. 

Hobbies: Skiing, gardening, reading 

I will never be seen without... My “Sister” bracelet, whenever I wear it, it’s like having my sister with me. 

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Traveling to…New York City, San Francisco, Alaska 

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: It’s A Wonderful Life 

Contact Lynette - E: P: 719-866-2311


Betsy McCallister - Membership Manager

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: BA in Home Economics Education from the University of Northern Colorado

Background: I worked for the U.S. Olympic Committee for 10 years and I’ve been with USA Boxing for a little over 4 years.

Primary Job Duties: Almost anything related to membership, plus I serve as the HR person.

Hobbies: Photography – mostly people.

Favorite Expression: “It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now.”

I will never be seen without... makeup!

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Parasailing in Hawaii, a Caribbean cruise, hiking in Yosemite

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: 9 to 5

Contact Betsy: E: P: 719-866-2324

Carol Hurley - Membership Services

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Education: BS, Business Administration 

Background: Started with USAB in August 2015, previously spent 15 years with Lockheed-Martin prior to moving to CO, then worked for USA Weightlifting for 6 years and Remington College for 9 years.

Primary Job Duties: Assisting our membership with their questions and concerns

Hobbies: Reading, WORDS with friends and movie buff

Favorite Expression: “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”

I will never be seen without... My cell phone.

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Visit Europe, learn how to golf and expand my creativity 

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Groundhog Day

Contact Carol- E: P: 719-866-2355



Claudia Douglas - Membership Services


Hometown:  Born in Memphis, TN but lived here in Colorado for 52 years so almost a native.


Education:  Graduated locally from Widefield High School


Background:  Office manager of a non-profit for 15 years, Head Secretary French Elementary School for 13 years I dearly miss the 700 students and Office Manager for a construction company for 5 years. 


Primary Job Duties: Part of the awesome Member Services team, and happy that I get to work with some students again.


Hobbies outside of work:  Cooking & baking, gardening, my 3 children and twin grand baby boys.


Favorite Expression:  "Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be OK"


I will never be seen without... a bottle of water in some form, and a tissue.


3 things that are left on my bucket list:  Visit Switzerland, vacation to Hawaii with my family, take the grandkids to Disneyland. 


The movie title that fits the story of my life is...As Good As It Gets.


Contact Claudia: E: P: 719-866-2777




Hayden Wilson - Membership Assistant

Hometown: Dawsonville, GA 

Education: Just a few classes shy of a dual AAS in Accounting and Paralegal Studies 

Background:While in high school and then after, I was an administrative assistant to a real estate and probate law firm. Flash forward a year and I was the legal assistant to a different attorney who practices family law, juvenile law, probate, and bankruptcy. While working at these law firms, I also attended school and held a part time job either waitressing or being the assistant manager to a high-end retail store. 

Primary Job Duties: Assistant to the Director and Manager of membership services 

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, DIYs, painting, going to the gun range, and horseback riding

Favorite Expression: Bless your heart; Lord help; "You’re killing me, Smalls"

I will never be seen without... Sunglasses and Tattoos 

Three things that are left on my bucket list: Backpacking across the world, sky diving, to become the Attorney General. 

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... Ehhh nothing can describe my life.. But Harry Potter is my favorite 😊

Contact Hayden: E: P: 719-866-2330



Finance Department


Cam Thompson - Accounting Clerk 

Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Education: Bachelors from University of North Florida

Background: I’ve been with USA Boxing since May 2010. Prior to that I worked for a family owned accounting firm for 5 years in Tampa, FL.

Primary Job Duties: I handle accounts payable/receivable, am the liaison for the LBC treasurers, administer the scholarship program and assist with HR duties.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family at one of the Disney theme parks, riding bikes (leisurely) and hanging out at the beach.

Favorite Expression: Not sure if it’s my favorite but my kids hear it ALL the time “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

I will never be seen without... Sunglasses and sandals since moving back to Florida.

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Switzerland, Germany and California

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Living for Today

Contact Cam - E: P: 719-866-2315


High Performance Department

Matt Johnson - High Performance Director

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, Majored in Economics and Psychology

Background: Began my career in boxing as the High Performance and Events Intern in January 2012 then transitioned to the National Programs Coordinator in October 2012. Became the National Teams Manager in April 2014 and then became the High Performance Director in January 2015.

Primary Job Duties: Oversee the planning and operations of USA Boxing’s National teams, athlete section, coaching selection and management.

Hobbies: I like sporting events, concerts and traveling.

Favorite Expression: "If you ain't first, you're last."

I will never be seen without… Sunglasses 

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Flying on a private jet, going to the Super Bowl to watch the Green Bay Packers and hang out with Larry David.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

Contact Matt - E: P: 719-866-2321


Liz Podominick - High Performance Manager


Hometown: Lakeville, MN


Education: Masters, Sport Sociology, University of Minnesota


Background: I am a recently retired professional track and field athlete (discus). I used to work for U.S. Figure Skating as the U.S. Teams Manager before I started training full time in 2012 and thrilled to be back in Colorado after training in San Diego for 4 years. 


Primary Job Duties: I work in both the events and high performance department, so it is never a dull moment. I organize all the equipment and supplies for events and a lot of behind the scenes logistics. You will normally see a tall blond running all over the place during an event. I also coordinate the logistics for Team USA camps and international competitions primarily for the youth and junior divisions. It’s a busy travel schedule!


Hobbies: Anything that gets me outdoors (my next goal is to hike another 14-er), reading, movies, crafting/refurbishing furniture, trying new restaurants, sports of all kind, visiting MN.


Favorite Expression: Today is a gift.


I will never be seen without... a snack nearby (I don’t like being hangry and my co-workers know it:)


3 things that are left on my bucket list: Travel to Australia, go on an international trip on my own, attend an Olympic Games (theme is travel in case you couldn’t tell…)


The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Sense & Sensibility


Contact Liz - E: P: 719-866-2327



Derrick Raedel - High Performance & Events Coordinator


Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Education: Bachelor of Science in Communication
Background: Worked for various companies in several different roles. Basketball coach.
Primary Job Duties: High Performance and Events Coordinator
Hobbies: Family, Sports, Music, Food, Shoes
Favorite Expression: Different animal, same beast.
I will never be seen without…curiosity
3 things that are left on my bucket list: Beat Kobe Bryant 1 on 1, visit another planet, make my mom proud
The movie title that fits the story of my life is: He Got Game


Contact Derrick - E: P: 719-866-2304


Billy Walsh - National Team Head Coach 

Kay Koroma -National Team Assistant Coach

Hometown: Virginia

Background: A former amateur and professional boxer, Koroma has been coaching for over a decade. Working with Coach Dennis Porter at the Alexandria Boxing Club in Alexandria, Va., he built several national champions at the junior, youth and elite level in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Koroma is passionate about helping young people believe in themselves both in and out of the boxing ring and showing them how to fulfill their dreams. He began traveling with the USA Boxing National Teams in 2015 and has worked multiple world championship events as well as the 2016 Olympic Games. Koroma’s work earned him the USOC Developmental Coach of the Year award for Boxing. He relocated to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs prior to the 2016 Olympics and continues to reside there in order to provide daily guidance to USA Boxing’s top athletes.

Primary Job Duties: Creating and executing training plans and schedules for USA Boxing’s elite, youth and junior national team members, training athletes for international competition, provide boxing and life guidance to athletes, oversee resident program and training camps.

Hobbies: Writing poetry and greek mythology.

Favorite Expression: Believe in yourself because I believe in you.

I will never be seen without… A hat.

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Move back to England, open a community center, attend Armani and Versace international fashion shows.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: I’m still finishing my movie.

Contact Kay - E:

Jose Polanco - National Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hometown: Lawrence, MA

Education: Bachelors of Science: Exercise Science, Master's of Science: Strength and Conditioning from Bridgewater State University 

Background: 4 Year baseball player at Bridgewater State University, team captain senior year, graduate assistant at Bridgewater State, worked with football, mens and women's soccer, volleyball, field hockey, wrestling, swim and dive, men's and women's basketball team, women's lacrosse, baseball, and softball. Intern at University of South Carolina, worked with football, men's soccer and track and field.

Primary Job Duties: National Teams Strength and Conditioning Coach- program, implement, and direct all facets of strength and conditioning program for national/elite teams as well as developmental programs for junior and youth team. In addition to monitor weight management and overall athlete well being in collaboration with the team dietician and sports medicine staff.

Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting and Weightlifting

Favorite Quote: “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” - Ric Flair

I will never be seen without... A Coffee

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Visit every National Park, visit every power 5 conference college football stadium, and attend a national college football championship.

My favorite movie is: Goodfellas

Contact Jose - E: 

Communications/Digital/Marketing Department

Brian Taylor - Communications and Digital Media Manager

Hometown: Whiteville, NC

Education: Bachelors in Journalism from East Carolina University, Masters in Sport Management from West Virginia University

Professional Background: Began at USA Boxing in November 2016 as the Communications intern. Prior to my time at USAB, I interned with the Big South Conference, Charlotte Hornets, Inside Gymnastics Magazine, as well as interned in PR agencies working on collegiate sports sponsorship programs and NASCAR.

Primary Job Duties: Manage all PR, communications, marketing and social media initiatives for USA Boxing

Hobbies: concerts, movies and watching Duke basketball and Pirate football

Favorite Expression: “We are the Pirates of ECU..Hey!”

I will never be seen without... my cell phone and a bottle of Dr. Pepper

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Attend a Duke vs. UNC Men’s Basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, travel to Australia and make it on to a reality TV show or game show.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: The Peaceful Warrior

Contact Brian - E: P: 719-866-2322




Jeremy Allegre - Communications and Digital Media Coordinator
Hometown: Lake Stevens, Washington
Education: BFA in Graphic Design from Central Washington University
Background: Interning with USA Boxing as of January 2018. Interned for USA Field Hockey, and worked for Pautzke Bait Company.
Primary Job Duties: Assist in the daily execution of USA Boxing’s social media and communications plan including creating content, posting content, monitoring social channels and fan interaction. Develop and design creative graphics for use of USA Boxing events, including logos, credentialsand other signage. Develop, design and post creative graphics for use on social media channels. 
Hobbies: Playing soccer, watching movies, and exploring new places.
Favorite Expression: "Why not me?"
I will never be seen without... headphones.
3 things that are left on my bucket list: Go to every state in the USA, going to Europe, and going to every professional soccer stadium in the USA.
The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Next Friday

Contact Jeremy - E: P: 719-866-2329


Michael Campbell - Events and Boxing Operations Manager

Hometown: Houston, TX by way of Dale City, VA

Education: Bachelor of Science in Geophysics from Virginia Tech

Background: I served on the Gulf LBC Board of Directors, am a Level III Referee/Judge, and Tournament Administrator & Director.  Previous to that I published a Boxing magazine and wrote for several websites & newspapers.

Primary Job Duties: (Leader of the Lord’s army, to stand watch over the people, and to confront and cast out evil from Heaven.)
Lead the event staff, guide LBC membership, and to provide oversight and enforcement of rules and bylaws.

Hobbies: Live music & watching sports

Favorite Expressions: Ut Prosim (That I May Serve)
For those who have passed, For those to come...Reach for Excellence!

I will never be seen without... USA Boxing Staff members, without them great events cannot happen.

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Tour The Cracklin Trail in Louisiana, Take my family to Greece where I was born, & see the Tour de France in person.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Vision Quest

Contact Mike - E: P: 719-866-2307

Taryn Cass - Events and Boxing Operations Coordinator

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: Colorado State University – Majoring in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Background: Prior to USA Boxing I worked for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, also headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

Primary Job Duties: Coordinating and working Events and Tournaments at the National level will be my main focus. But we here at USA Boxing believe in the mentality of “all hands on deck”, so I hope to be a part of many aspects of this organization.

Hobbies: Travel, DIY, Hiking, Fantasy Football, My Dog!

Favorite Expression: Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.

I will never be seen without... Water Bottle

3 things that are left on my bucket list:  Climb a 14er, see the Northern Lights, restore a vintage airstream and drive it across the country.
The movie title that fits the story of my life is: The Spectacular Now

Contact Taryn - E: P: 719-866-2328



Nicole Anderson - Alumni Coordinator

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Education: High School/ Some college

Background: Administrative

Primary Job Duties: Main point of contact for Alumni Members and potential members, oversee the database and registration process as it relates to the Alumni Association. Contributes content to the Alumni Newsletter. Plan and facilitate Alumni Association fundraising events, reunions etc.

Hobbies: Netflix

Favorite Expression: “Have you lost your complete mind?”

I will never be seen without... Burt Bee’s lip balm

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Travel to Greece

Contact Nicole - E: P: 719-866-2778


Chadrick Wigle - Merchandise Manager

Hometown: Kingsville, ON, Canada

Education: Life

Background: 16 years in retail/merchandise. Started coaching boxing in 1991. Hold seats on both the USAB Marketing, and Coaching Commissions. 

Primary Job Duties: Merchandise Manager

Hobbies: buffets, movies, boxing

Favorite Expression: Know the rules, win the game.

I will never be seen without... headphones.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: Threat Level Midnight

Contact Chad - E: P: 719-866-2317