HEIGHT   6'2"    WEIGHT   206 lbs.

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Not ready to give up competition and athletics after college, Steve Mesler found bobsledding on the internet and began the sport in 2001. In 2002 Mesler was named as an alternate for the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mesler was honored along with Todd Hays, Bill Schuffenhauer and Pavle Jovanovic as the USOC Team of the Month for November 2004, December 2004 and February 2005.  In 2006, he placed 7th in four-man with driver Todd Hays at the Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.  After Torino, Mesler joined Steve Holcomb's four-man team and finished the 2006-2007 season with three gold medals and two silver medals, placing the team second in the four-man overall World Cup standings.  

Mesler continued to have success sliding with Holcomb as USA 1; during the 2009 World Championships, they claimed gold in the four-man.  Mesler and the four-man "Night Train" team built upon their success to win the 2010 Olympic gold medal in Whistler, British Columbia.  Shortly after their victory and a decade after he began the sport, Mesler announced his retirement.


Mesler graduated with honors from the University of Florida in 2000 with a degree in exercise and sport science. He was a Division I scholarship track and field athlete, competing primarily in the decathlon. Mesler is an All-SEC and an All-SEC academic award winner.  Mesler enjoys the mix of fear and adrenaline that he gets on a daily basis when bobsledding.

After retiring from the sport, Mesler founded Classroom Champions, a non-profit organization that shares the Olympic ideals with young students across the nation using today's most cutting edge technology.


  • 2010 Olympic Winter Games - Gold medalist, four-man (Holcomb, Tomasevicz, Olsen, Mesler)
  • 2006 Olympic Winter Games - 6th with driver Todd Hayes
  • 2002 Olympic Winter Games - Alternate


  • 2009-2010 World Cup as push athlete for Steven Holcomb in the four-man
    -7th in Park City (11/09), GOLD in Lake Placid (11/09), GOLD in Cesana (12/09), GOLD in Winterberg (12/09), SILVER in Altenberg (12/09), SILVER in Konigssee (1/10), 4th in St. Moritz (1/10), 8th in Igls (1/10)
  • 2008-2009 World Cup as push athlete for Steven Holcomb in the four-man
    -BRONZE in Winterberg (11/08), 7th in Altenberg (12/08), SILVER in Igls (12/08), SILVER in Whistler (2/09), GOLD in Park City #1 (2/09), GOLD in Park City #2 (2/09)
    -GOLD at 2009 World Championships at Lake Placid (2/09)
  • 2007-2008 World Cup as push athlete in the four-man
    -GOLD in Calgary (11/07), GOLD in Park City (12/07), SILVER in Lake Placid (12/07), 8th in Cortina (1/08), 11th in Cesana (1/08), 6th in St. Moritz (1/08), SILVER in Konigssee (2/08), 4th in Winterberg (2/08)
    - 6th at World Championships in Altenberg, Germany
  • 37th overall in 2006-2007 World Cup as driver in the two-man 
    -22nd in Winterberg (02/07)
  • 2006-2007 World Cup as push athlete for Steve Holcomb in the four-man 
    -GOLD in Cortina (01/07), GOLD in Igls (01/07), GOLD in Cesana Pariol (02/07), SILVER in Winterberg (02/07), SILVER in Königssee (02/07)
    -4th at World Championships  in St. Moritz, Switzerland (02/07)
  • 4th overall in 2006-2007 America's Cup as driver in the two-man 
    -3rd and 4th in Calgary (11/06), 4th and 3rd in Park City (11/06)
  • 2005-2006 World Cup as push athlete for Todd Hays in the four-man
    -SILVER in Calgary (11/05), 4th in Igls (12/05), GOLD in Cortina (12/05), SILVER in Königssee (01/06), GOLD in St. Moritz (01/06)
  • 2004-2005 World Cup as push athlete for Todd Hays in the two-man  
    -11th in Winterberg (11/04), 5th in Cesana Pariol (01/05)
  • 2004-2005 World Cup as push athlete for Todd Hays in the four-man  
    -GOLD in Winterberg (11/04), GOLD in Altenberg (12/04), SILVER in Igls (12/04), 4th in Cortina (12/04)
    -5th at World Championships in Calgary, Canada (02/05)
  • 2003-2004 World Cup as brakeman for Todd Hays in the two-man 
    -SILVER in Calgary (11/03), BRONZE in Lake Placid (11/03), GOLD in Winterberg (12/03), 9th in Altenberg (12/03), 5th in St. Moritz (01/04)
  • 2003-2004 World Cup as push athlete for Todd Hays in the four-man
    -SILVER in Lake Placid (11/03), BRONZE in Altenberg (12/03), SILVER in St. Moritz (01/04), 6th and 3rd in Cortina (01/04, 02/04), SILVER in Igls (02/04)
    -3rd at World Championships in Königssee (02/04)
  • 31st overall in 2002-2003 World Cup as driver in the two-man
    -27th in Cortina (12/02), 24th in LaPlagne (12/02), 25th in St. Moritz (01/03), 22nd in Calgary (02/03)
  • 2002-03 World Cup as push athlete with driver Hays in the four-man 
    -4th in Igls (12/02), 6th in Cortina (12/02), SILVER in LaPlagne (12/02), 5th in St. Moritz (01/03), 8th in Winterberg (01/03)