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Humphries and Jones day one leaders of two-woman bobsled World Championships; Meyers Taylor and Hoffman in fourth

Feb. 05, 2021, 7:35 a.m. (ET)

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Humphries and Jones day one leaders of two-woman bobsled World Championships; 

Meyers Taylor and Hoffman in fourth


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ALTENBERG, Germany (Feb. 5, 2020) – Kaillie Humphries (Carlsbad, Calif.) and Lolo Jones (Des Moines, Iowa) lead by a large margin of 0.34 seconds after the first day of the 2021 two-woman bobsled World Championships in Altenberg. Elana Meyers Taylor (Douglasville, Ga.) and Sylvia Hoffman (Arlington, Texas) are within striking distance of the medals in fourth.

“We’re only halfway done,” Humphries said. “I don’t underestimate my competitors. I made some mistakes today that I can clean up tomorrow. I want to make it as challenging for my competitors as they make it for me.”

Humphries and Jones pushed the Omaze-branded sled off the block in 5.71 seconds for the fastest downtime of 56.40 seconds to lead the field by 0.13 seconds in the first heat. Humphries said she was a little too high through corner 12, and she knew she could make the correction in the second run.

The duo, competing for only the second time together, bettered their start time to 5.68 seconds in run two, and Humphries piloted the team to the finish in 56.54 seconds. While Humphries cleaned up corner 12, she said made a mistake from corner 3 into 4. 

“It compounds all the way down the track, and I was a little frustrated,” Humphries said.

Humphries and Jones sit on top of the leaderboard going into tomorrow’s finale with a two-run combined time of 1:52.94.  The gap between Humphries and Jones and the competition increased to 0.34 seconds, but Humphries isn’t celebrating yet.

“When I get to the bottom I immediately know where my mistakes were made,” Humphries said. “The Germans are right there, and Elana is right there. I can’t leave the door open for the competition if I’m going to win, and I know I can only control what I do, not what they do.”

After last week’s win in Igls Austria, Humphries said she was playing “musical sleds.” She settled on a sled for this week, and the decision paid off.

“I’m trying to understand more about sleds this year,” Humphries said. “I’m trying to see what works, what doesn’t, what’s good, what’s bad. It’s a bit unnerving to enter world championships having only driven this sled five times before today, but that’s the only way I’m going to learn.”

Last season Meyers Taylor was in a hospital bed after having her son, Nico, during the two-woman bobsled World Championships. Nearly one year later and she’s chomping at the heels of the Germans for a podium position.

“Last year I didn’t know what would happen, I had no idea we’d make it this far,” Meyers Taylor said. 

Meyers Taylor and Hoffman were competitive off the start with push times of 5.60 and 5.59 seconds. Meyers Taylor navigated her BMW sled to the finish in 56.78 and 56.99 seconds, respectively. The Americans are currently in fourth position with a two-run total of 1:53.77.

“This is one of my toughest tracks, and I’m excited to be within striking distance of the medals and to have put down some solid runs,” Meyers Taylor said. “The biggest thing is using this year to grow and learn. My goal for tomorrow is to put together two more solid runs, and we’ll see where the results end up. I’m really excited for Kaillie and Lolo, and it’s nice seeing USA on top of the leaderboard.”

The only thing standing in the way of two American sleds on the medal stand are German teams Kim Kalicki and Ann-Christin Strack, and Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi. Kalicki and Strack are currently in second place with a total time of 1:53.28. Nolte and Levi are in third with a time of 1:53.37.

The two-woman bobsled World Championships continue tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. local time/8:30 a.m. EST. Fans can watch the races on NBCSN,, and the Olympic Channel. 

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1. Kaillie Humphries and Lolo Jones (USA) 1:52.94 (56.40, 56.54);

2. Kim Kalicki and Ann-Christin Strack (GER) 1:53.28 (56.69, 56.59);

3. Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi (GER) 1:53.37 (56.53, 56.84);

4. Elana Meyers Taylor and Sylvia Hoffman (USA) 1:53.77 (56.78, 56.99);

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