Please find bobsled and skeleton equipment for sale listed here. If you have an item you'd like to sell, please contact Amanda Bird at  Please include the item you'd like to sell, price and your contact information.

  • FOR SALE: 2004 custom Randy Parker sled, with runners and travel bag.  Fiberglass sled with a steel butterfly frame, and double bumpers, plus extra weight plates.  Two sets of runners, one practice set in good condition, and one race set by Randy Parker in excellent condition.  And a nice, padded travel bag for the sled, runners, weights and tools.  Best offer.
  • FOR SALE: 2002 Parker Sled with Travel Case and 2 sets of BW runners For sale for $3000.00. Contact Nick Dadgostar at 
  • FOR SALE: Runners, 6.0 fronts and 4.5 backs. $5,000. Contact Maureen Ajoku at or 408-694-8730.
  • WANTED: Medium Uvex skeleton helmet. Contact AJ Edelmanm or 617-233-3055.
  • FOR SALE: 

    2008 Parker skeleton sled-rebuilt 2013 $4000. Contact Alex Dawson at

  • FOR SALE: Bobsled Protective Shirts/Burn Vests. Contact Deanna Panting at to place an order or ask any questions.
  • WANTED: Brush spikes men's sizes 8-9.5. Please contact
  • FOR SALE: Size 13 Adidas bobsled spikes w/ Adidas Shoe covers - Asking $400 obo. for both together. Medium - Ultimax Speed Suit Burn Vest - Asking $150 obo.  Please contact Patrick Szpak at or 1-519-995-2493 for inquiries.
  • WANTED: Looking to salvage bottoms off of bobsled or skeleton spikes.   Not interested in the orange/black Adidas model, but rather the black and white or navy models.  Size does not matter - but quality spikes is a must! Contact Lauri at or (715) 828-2825.
  • FOR SALE: 2011 FIBT Bromley Super Big Wheels with 1.2mm spine and 2011 FIBT Davenport Standards with 5% wider spine for sale:  $450 for the Bromleys and $650 for the Davenport runners.  Please inquire with Chris Hoina at 919-327-7648 or at
  • 2004 Davenport FIBT Big Wheel Runners for sale: $300.  Contact Mike at 608-575-5346 or at for inquiries.
  • 2003 Davenport Skeleton Sled for Rent: Write to for inquiries.
  • WANTED: A fan is looking to purchasing any skin suits or gear to help offset training or other costs. Please email John at 
  • WANTED: Size 13 US Skeleton Spikes, Medium skeleton helmet and a large bodysuit. Contact Neil Almy at