Please contact members of USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS) Board of Directors, Ethics Committee, or Judicial Committee by using the email addresses listed below. Board minutes from meetings dating back to 2007 can be viewed by clicking on the link to the left.

The Code of Ethics applies to athletes, coaches, directors of the Board, officers, committee members, task force members, employees and volunteers. All of the aforementioned individuals are required to read and sign this document, acknowledging that they understand and are agreeing to abide by its content. Please click here to read the Code of Ethics.

Interested in becoming a member of the USABS Board of Directors?  If so, please click here to view any available positions and here to review the Board of Directors Candidate Information. Please direct any questions or application materials to Jennifer Donnelly, Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee, at

USABS Board of Directors

 Name  Email Affiliation   Term end/limit
 Bob Bergbauer At-Large, Chair  2020/2024
 David Best Independent  2021/2025
 Ryan Bosch Independent  2021/2025
 Rusty Buchanan At-Large  2021/2025
 Sherry Cushman At-Large  2023/2027
 Ann Gaffigan  At-Large  2025/2029
 Tristan Gale USABS AAC   2025/2029
 Savannah Graybill  USABS AAC  2023/2027
 Chris Kinney
USABS AAC  2025/2029
 Brock Kreitzburg USABS AAC  2025/2029
 Paul Pogge  Independent  2025/2029
 Jean Prahm  Sport At-Large   2019/2023
 Michael Regan  At-Large  2025/2029
 Mac Riley  At-Large   2019/2023
 Nic Taylor   USABS AAC  2025/2029

USABS Advisory Directors
 Name  Email
 Randy Alimant
 Javier San Miguel

USABS Committees
 Audit Committee
 Ryan Bosch, Chair
 Steve Langton
 Jean Prahm
 Mac Riley

CEO Compensation & Evaluation
 Jennifer Donnelly, Chair
 Bob Bergbauer
 Lorenzo Smith
 Mac Riley

 John Rosen, Chair
 Jamie Moriarty
 Geoff Wright
 Lionel Yarmon

 John Raftery, Chair
 Bob Hofbauer
 Marty Krolewski
 Chris Langton
 Amy McLeod

Nominating & Governance
 Jennifer Donnelly, Chair
 John Donovan
 Jay Eichelberger
 Bethany Hart

 Jean Prahm/Chair
 Bob Bergbauer
 TJ Burns
 Savannah Graybill
 Bethany Hart
 Sal Porterfield
 Mac Riley
 Lorenzo Smith
Hall of Fame
 Jean Prahm, Chair
 Tony Carlino
 Bethany Hart
 Sue Kapis
 Tuffy Latour
 John Morgan
 Noelle Pikus-Pace
 James Purvis
 Matt Roy

 Officials Development
 Jean Prahm, Chair
 Sue Kapis
 John Rosen

Para Sport
Kim Seevers, Chair
Jeff Erenstone
Aaron Lanningham
John Rosen
Blair Tomten