HEIGHT: 6'2"  WEIGHT: 195 lbs. 

Stokes Aitken began the sport of skeleton in 2003.  He was involved in many sports throughout high school and played football for Northern State University before becoming involved in skeleton. 

Aitken graduated from the University of Utah where he majored in Consumer Studies and Family Economics.  He enjoys participating in thrilling activities such as skydiving.  Aitken is married to Teisha Aitken; They have two children, Addison and Aidan.


  • 19th overall in 2009-2010 Intercontinental Cup
    -24th in Winterberg #1 (11/09), 13th in Winterberg #2 (11/09), 16th in Konigssee (12/09), 15th in Cesana (12/09),
  • 10th overall in 2008-2009 Intercontinental Cup
    -17th in Calgary (12/08), 7th in Park City (12/08), 12th in Park City (12/08), 11th in Lake Placid (12/08), 16th in Igls (2/09), 12th in Konigssee (2/09), 21st in Cesana #1 (1/09), 16th in Cesana #2 (1/09)

  • 2007-2008 results
    -4th in Konigssee Europa Cup (11/07), 4th in Konigssee Intercontinental Cup (12/07), 5th in Park City Intercontinental Cup (12/07), 9th in Lake Placid Intercontinental Cup (1/08)
  • 2006-2007 Europa Cup
    -7th in Igls (11/06), 6th in Konigssee (12/06), 7th in Cesana (12/06), 32nd in Winterberg (1/07)