HEIGHT 5'10" WEIGHT 177 lbs

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Anthony Watson was born on November 5, 1989 in Vineland, New Jersey. He participated in soccer, basketball and track and field while at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. He later transferred to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He was a Junior Olympic national finalist for tack and field in the 100m 200m and 4x100 relays. After an injury slowed his times drastically, his dream to try and keep pursuing track and field seemed unreachable. He sat down one day and went through every USA team page to see how to try out and finally came across USA Bobsled and Skeleton. Being familiar with bobsled, he started to watch videos on skeleton and was hooked. He signed up for a late summer combine in August 2013 and he has loved every minute in the sport.


- He is a professional singer/songwriter signed by TMG records, with an album on iTunes.
- He is an actor and model in NYC & LA, and has written his own television show that he hopes will one day air.
- Above everything else, he loves being around his teammates, laughing and hanging out.