USA Badminton Coach 

Behind every Great Player is a “Team” of Great Coaches!

There are many dedicated Badminton Coaches in the United States ranging from parents, volunteers, teachers to full time paid professionals who work very hard to improve the standard of badminton in United States. The success and popularity of badminton in the United States is directly related to the hard work of these individuals.

Like in any sport, Coaching in Badminton is a very rewarding and satisfying job. A Badminton Coach’s job enables the Badminton Athlete to be an empowered individual who is able to display skillful shots, move elegantly on the court, make effective tactical decisions and interact with his/her community, opponents, fellow athletes, officials and the spectators. It’s a big job!

USA Badminton would love to grow Badminton at schools, clubs, rec centers, and those athletes who are competing or intend to compete at the international level. We need to increase the number of qualified Badminton Coaches throughout the United States as well as motivate the existing coaches with their continuous development.

So, are you interested in becoming a USA Badminton Coach?