Who Can Participate in Synchronized Swimming?

Anyone, regardless of age and ability level, can become a synchro athlete. Sometimes friendship, fitness and fun attract young people to join a synchro program, while other times the desire to compete in the Olympic Games serves as motivation. Masters synchro appeals to older people who have no prior experience as well as those who are returning to the sport for the health benefits and camaraderie. No matter what your goals and motives, you can find a place in synchro!

How Do I Become a Member of USA Synchro?

Register online to become a member! To receive the benefits that USA Synchro provides its members, all athletes, coaches and competition volunteers must be registered. As members, your club will be insured through USA Synchro and will be officially eligible to participate in all sanctioned events.

What Is Included in My Membership?

Athletes' memberships are based upon the programs in which they participate, such as regular, collegiate, master or novice. For individuals who do not compete, membership categories such as Professional, Instructor, Friend of Synchro, Official and Life are available. 

How do I sign my Life Member waiver?

Life members must renew their insurance/liability waiver each season. To do so, click on "My Account" from the homepage (located underneath the logo). Log in to the membership/registration system. Once logged in, click on "Register for Events" and locate the Life member waiver renewal event in the list. Click "Add to Cart" and follow the prompts to check out. 

Membership Service Hours

For questions regarding membership, please contact the USA Synchro Office, at (719) 866-2219.