Are you a artistic swimming enthusiast? Did you go to college? Does your college send you frequent requests to donate to the college?

If you donate to your college and/or wish that more colleges offered synchro as a varsity sport, consider using these requests for donations to the benefit of the sport of synchronized swimming!

Here are some ideas for how you can use your alumnae power to the advantage of artistic swimming. The next time you get a solicitation:

  • Write to your college and tell them that if they were to add synchro you would donate.
  • If you already donate, write to your college and tell them that you will donate again when they add synchro.
  • Write to your friends from college and/or your current team and ask them to join your campaign.
  • Send your letter/e-mail to the President, Alumni office and Athletic Department.
  • Send copies of your letters to  Adam Andrasko at the National Office.

If your college already has varsity synchro, write and tell them that you are happy to donate because they have a varsity synchro team. We need all of your help!