The USA Archery Virtual Tournament is a GREAT way to experience the excitement of a national event and test your skills against archers across the country, from the comfort of your local archery range! The Virtual Tournament is offered year round and includes both indoor and outdoor events.

The benefits of participating in the virtual tournament include:

      • Easy and inexpensive online payment options 
      • Live scoring for individual archers
      • Fast results reporting
      • Opportunity to earn the Club Spirit Award

Who can compete?

Any recreational or competitive archer who is a member of USA Archery and a Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Collegiate Archery Program, or Adult Archery Program Club is encouraged to participate!  Archers must have at minimum a USA Archery Recreational Membership to participate in the tournament. 

USA Archery Virtual Tournament Schedule 

      • 1st Quarter Indoor JOAD Virtual Tournament: January 15-April 15 
      • 2nd Quarter Outdoor JOAD Virtual Tournament: April 15-June 30 
      • 3rd Quarter Outdoor JOAD Virtual Tournament: July 15-September 30
      • 4th Quarter Indoor JOAD Virtual Tournament: October 15-December 31

To participate in the Virtual Tournament follow these easy steps!

  1. Register your club at
  2. Join the US Archery Series
  3. Create your participating event
  4. Invite your club members to register for the event
  5. Review the USA Archery Tournament Rules and Fees
  6. Download Classes & Division Information
  7. Download USA Archery Virtual Tournament Score Cards
  8. Submit your scores online and get results!

Virtual Tournament Results


Club Spirit Award

Competing for the Club Spirit Award in Q4 will make your final tournament of the year even more fun and exciting and encourages teambuilding! Archers participating in the theme shoot are encouraged to dress up for the tournament and decorate the range. The winning club will be selected based on demonstration of spirit, enthusiasm and commitment to the event theme.  

Photos must be submitted to USA Archery by email to by the last day of the tournament.

For more information please contact Clubs at