U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships

USA Archery is sanctioning the 2018 U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships in partnership with the Archery Shooters Association (ASA). This event is for members of the USA archery Collegiate Archery Program and offers competitive divisions for recurve, compound, barebow, and bowhunter archers.

Event Date: October 25-28, 2018
Location: Foley, AL

Registration Information

Individual Registration

Registration Fee: $125

  • Individual Archers: Click here to register Online for this event.
  • Once logged in to your USA Archery account, click on Tournaments (on left-hand side of the page), find the 2018 National 3D Collegiate Championship and proceed to Register

Team Registration

Coaches can follow the steps below to register their teams through the online registration platform. This feature is recommended if coaches are paying via credit card. 

  • Login to your USA Archery Account: https://usarchery.sport80.com/login
  • Click on your Personal Account
  • Click Add New Member (upper right-hand section of the page)
  • Click an Existing Member
  • Enter archer’s USA Archery Member ID, Date of Birth, Select “Event Only” Submit
  • Once you have added your team members, select Tournaments from your Account, then click Enter next to "2018 U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships" Event
  • Complete Registrations and Checkout

Coach Registration for Lunches, Banquet Dinner and T-shirts

Package Fee: $55

Coaches wishing to purchase lunches, a banquet ticket and t-shirt may do so following the directions below:

  • Login to your USA Archery Personal Account
  • Click Tournaments
  • Select the "***COACH***" National College 3D Championships event and proceed to Register 

Note: Parents that want to purchase banquet tickets should contact the ASA Offices by October 10th at 770-795-0232


Current USA Archery Collegiate, Youth, Adult or Family Membership and a current Collegiate Eligibility certificate is required to register for this event. A 2018-2019 Club Eligibility Form must be completed and sent to USA archery prior to registering for this event. Click here to access the Club Eligibility Form. 


This event will follow Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Event and Equipment Rules. All distances will be Known.

2019 ASA Pro-Am Rules

The USA Archery Dress Code will be enforced. 

Official Ruling for Genesis Bows in the 2018 U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships

ASA has determined, through interpretation of their 2018 ASA Rules of Competition, that it is permissible for archers to use the original Genesis bows, and arrows of the archers’ choice in the Barebow division.

For the 2018 U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships, the original Genesis bow, with any accessory allowed on Barebows as defined by World Archery, using arrows of the archers’ choice, shot using a finger release, with no sight or stabilizers or weights added to the riser or limbs, will be allowed for competition.  There may be no marks on the limbs or riser which may be used for aiming. 


The 2019 U.S. National 3D Collegiate Championships will not include Genesis bows in any division other than compound.