National Records

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Current USA Archery Records That May Be Set/Broken

Outdoor Rounds

For Cadet, Junior, Senior, Masters in Recurve, Barebow and Compound Divisions as applicable.

  • 1440 Round (formerly FITA round)
  • 90m (36 arrows/122cm face)
  • 70m (36 arrows/122cm face)
  • 60m (36 arrows/122 cm face)
  • 50m (36 arrows/80 cm face)
  • 50m (Cadets/Masters; 36 arrows/122 cm face)
  • 30m (36 arrows 80 cm face)
  • 40m (Cadets/Masters; 36 arrows/ 80 cm face)
  • 30m (36 arrows/80 cm face)

Note: World Records for the above distances may only be shot as part of the 1440 Round

  • 70m Round (Recurve/72 arrows)
  • 60m Round (Cadets/Masters/72 arrows)
  • Compound 50m Round (Cadets/Junior/Senior/Masters/72 arrows/80 cm; 6-ring target face)
  • Recurve Cub- 50m (72 arrows; 122 cm target face)*
  • Recurve Bowmen - 30m (72 arrows; 122 cm target face)*
  • Compound Cub - 30m (72 arrows/80 cm; 6-ring target face)*
  • Compound Bowmen - 25m (72 arrows/80cm 6-ring target face)*

* Eligible for National Record status only – not World Record Status

Indoor Rounds

For Bowmen, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Masters in Recurve, Barebow and Compound Divisions.

  • 25m (60 arrows; 60 cm face)
  • 18m (60 arrows; 40 cm face) (Compounds = inner 10 ring scoring)

Para Athletes - Men and Women in All Divisions

For Recurve: W1, W2, Standing; 

For Compound Open, W1 and 

Visually Impaired (VI):

  • Rounds are the same as able-body divisions with the exception of VI.

VI Outdoor Round shot in the following order:

  • 30m (36 arrows/60 cm face)
  • 30m (36 arrows/80 cm face)
  • 30m (36 arrows/80 cm face)
  • 30m (36 arrows/122 cm face)
  • VI 30m Round (30m/72 arrows/80cm face)
  • VI Indoor Round (18m/60 arrows/60cm face)


Traditional Records

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