Emily Blake is a Junior Female Recurve Archer coached by Kisik Lee.  An interesting fact about Emily is that she switched to right-handed shooter from left-handed shooting at the beginning of 2009.  She began shooting archer at 8 years old while shooting balloons at girl scouts.  From that experience she signed up for JOAD and has been shooting ever since. 

Her greatest achievement in archery is induction into the RA Program along with qualifying for two consecutive Junior World Teams.  Long-term goals for Blake includes continued improvement to lead her to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Team. 

Personal info: What are your goals? Why does your sport interest you?

My ultimate goal is to win an Olympic Gold medal in London at the 2012 summer Games

and BEYOND. I love to compete in tournaments around the country and the world. The

thrill of a head to head match where every arrow counts is a feeling like no other, and I

wouldn't give it up for anything.

Competition Results:

International (Top 8 and Better)

No International competitions until October.

National (Top 3 and Better)

2008 Junior USAT 3rd place

2nd place Junior World Trials

2006 Indoor and Outdoor National Champion


(What and when?)

3rd place in Young writers and illustrators contest from reading rainbow in 2nd grade

Special Interests and Hobbies:

Reading; Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

Listening to Music


Learning Foreign Languages

What is your favorite movie? John Tucker Must Die

Who is your favorite movie star?

Male: Zac Efron Female: Brittany Snow