Name: Braden Gellenthien
Sport: Archery 
Discipline: Compound
Current Residence: Hudson, Massachusetts
School: James Madison University

Career Highlights:

  • Multi-Time World Championships and Archery World Cup Medalist
  • World Cup Final Champion

Get to know Braden: "I grew up in a small town 25 miles west of Boston and was indoctrinated into the lifestyle of being a Sox fan. I didn't find archery until 1997 and for the first several years, I wasn't very good at it. It wasn't until 2001 that I finally became serious enough with it to seek out a coach and began working to better my abilities. Since that day, archery has been a whirlwind of experience and opportunity that I wouldn't trade for anything. I've been competing as a professional archer since 2003 and have had the honor of representing Team USA since that summer."