Hometown: Cininnati West Chester OH
Year Began Archery: 2005
Year Selected JDT: 2008
Personal Coach: Steve Cornell/ Jim and Liz Coombe
JOAD Club: Cincinnati Junior Olympians
Indoor Olympian: Bronze
Outdoor Olympian: Silver
2009 Season Category: Cadet
Age: 15
Jr USAT Rank: ()

I began archery because I wanted do some kind of shooting sport, and I tried it in boy scouts and like it a ton. Of course Olympic style is a lot different than what you do at day camps, but I like it better this way. I am almost an eagle scout in boy scouts so I am almost done and used archery to do my project. I built 18 target stands for the national field championships. I have been competing for 4.5-5 years now and love every bit of it. I have been on the dream team for going on one year in September. Learning the BEST method has really helped me be able to perform and to be able to shoot more arrows in one sitting. This is a great program to be in.