Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Year Began Archery: 2002
Year Selected JDT: 2008
Personal Coach: Mark Penaz, Ed Votruba
JOAD Club: Papago FITA Archers — Sidewinders
Indoor Olympian: ()
Outdoor Olympian: ()
2009 Season Category: Cadet
Age: 14
Jr USAT Rank: ()

I started shooting a bow after watching the movie, “The Lord of the Rings.” My dad bought my brother and I our first bows after shoveling gravel for 3 days. We joined a local JOAD club, the Mesa Targeteers, and started shooting local tournaments and going to the Las Vegas World Archery Festival. I switched to shoot a compound bow for two years, but switched back to recurve when I was a Cub. My shooting really improved during my Cub years, and in 2008 won the JOAD National Outdoor FITA tournament and took 2nd in the OR. Shortly afterward, I joined the JDT and learned the BEST Method from Coach Lee and his staff. Though it was a lot of hard work, it was worth it! This year, I qualified for the Jr. World Team and look forward to competing in Ogden, Utah. With some of the JDT, I will also be shooting a tournament in El Salvador. Archery has enabled me to travel, and has taught me the value of hard work, commitment to reaching a goal, and to do my best under all situations. Archery has also brought me many new friends from around the US, and from other countries. I love shooting!