Name: Lexi Keller
Sport: Archery 
Discipline: Compound
Height: 5'6”
Current Residence: Omro, Wisconsin
School: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. Currently a student as well as a bow technician and archery shop manager.

Career Highlights:

  • 2014 Junior United States Archery Team Member
  • 2014 World Archery Indoor Championships - Junior Team Member
  • 2013 Junior United States Archery Team Member
  • 2013 Arizona Cup - Gold medal (Junior)
  • 2013 World Archery Youth Championships - Team Gold medal
  • 2012 World Archery Indoor Championships - Silver medal (Junior individual) & Silver medal (Junior team)
  • 2012 SoCal Showdown - 3rd place (Senior) and Gold medal (Junior)
  • 2012 Texas Shootout Gold medal (Junior)
  • 2012 NorEaster Gold medal (Junior)
  • 2012 National Field Archery Association Outdoor Nationals - Gold medal

Fun Facts: Lexi got started in archery with the help of her Dad. She used to go to leagues with him every week and started to want to shoot with him, not just watch. She then attended a JOAD training camp in Virginia, where the instructors then set her up with her current coach, Linda Beck, who took Lexi to levels she never dreamed she would be at. Lexi now shoots in the Oshkosh Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program that she and her parents founded. Lexi has played piano since the age of three, and lives with her family on a farm that has llamas, goats, chickens, dogs and cats. Lexi notes that "Jesus Christ is the #1 most important thing in my life (even more than archery)!"