Name: LaNola Pritchard
Sport: Archery 
Discipline: Recurve
Height: 5'7"
Current Residence: Chula Vista, Calif.
School: High School Diploma

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 Archery World Cup, team bronze medal
  • 2015 SoCal Showdown, gold medal 
  • 2015 Gator Cup, gold medal
  • 2015 U.S. National Indoor Championships, gold medal
  • 2015 Indoor World Cup Final, 4th place
  • 2014 U.S. National Indoor Championships, gold medal
  • 2014 Gator Cup, silver medal
  • 2014 U.S. National Target Championships, bronze medal
  • 2012 World Archery Indoor Championships, team bronze medal 

Get to Know LaNola: 

- Who inspired you to begin shooting? I got started in archery thanks to my dad; he hunted through college and for Christmas years ago we got a new hunting bow, so his excuse to go shooting was to tell my mom that he was taking the girls shooting. I picked it up and loved it at the age of 6, shot the compound bow for 6 years then when I found out that only recurve was allowed in the Olympics I switched and have been shooting it since.

- How did you decide to join the Resident Athlete (RA) Program? I came to be in the RA program after first hearing about it at a Junior Dream Team Camp, and then talking with Coach Guy Krueger at Arizona Cup in 2012 and having him fully explain what it is and answer our questions about it. I came to the Olympic Training Center for the 3 month trial period and have been here since.

What are your favorite things to do other than archery? My favorite things to do when I'm not shooting are to read, make bracelets, watch movies, and play my violin.

Who are your favorite people, and why? My favorite people in my life are my family; throughout everything that I have done they have stood behind me. 

Tell us about your pets. I have a pet bird, a cockatiel; I've had him for close to 12 years. 

What do you love to eat? My favorite food is my dad's home made calzones.

Who has influenced you the most? I think my biggest influence in my life is my parents, they knew how to push my just right to keep me shooting and not burn out, and always made it my choice how and when to shoot, but made sure I knew that if I really wanted it I'd have to practice more, but never pushed me beyond that.  They encouraged and supported me but never made me do it.

What sacrifices have you made - or has your family made - so that you can shoot at this level? The biggest thing that I've sacrificed to shoot like this is having normal high school years, I went to 4 different high schools: two in Utah, one in California, and one Online.  After my junior year of high school is when I was given the opportunity to come and train at the Olympic Training Center, and I took it, giving up my senior year of high school. I still graduated, just not in a normal stereotypical way.

What is the best place you've traveled to for archery? My favorite place that I have traveled to with archery is Australia.