Personal info: What are your goals? Why does your sport interest you?

My goal is to make the 2012 Olympic team and prove to myself that I can accomplish

the highest achievement an athlete can make. Winning that Olympic gold in four years

and being able to stand on the podium and cry during the national anthem.

Competition Results:

International (Top 8 and Better)

none yet.

National (Top 3 and Better)

US open 2008 (4th place)

Gold cup

2008 (5th place)

National target championships 2008 (1st place jr) 2007 (4th place jr)

Athlete Bio/9/26/08

JOAD nationals 2008 (2nd place) 2007 (3rd place)



(What and when?)

Made the World Indoor Team in 2007.  Made the Jr. World Outdoor Team for 2008.

(both of which have been in Turkey....imagine that? )