Name: Collin Klimitchek
Sport: Archery 
Discipline: Recurve
Height: 6'2" 
Current Residence: Chula Vista, Calif.
School: High School Diploma

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 SoCal Showdown, bronze medal
  • 2015 Archery World Cup, individual bronze medal
  • 2015 World Archery Youth Championships, individual silver medal
  • 2015 World Archery Youth Championships, team silver medal
  • 2014 World Archery Field Championships, bronze medal
  • 2014 U.S. Open, bronze medal
  • 2014 Texas Shootout, bronze medal

Get to Know Collin: 

- How did you get your start in archery? Through 4-H

- Who inspired you (if anyone) to start shooting? My Dad

- How did you come to be in the Resident Athlete program? I was invited by Coach Lee when I was 16, after being on the Junior Dream Team for 2 years

- What are your favorite things to do other than archery? Hunt, spearfish/free dive, work on my car and guns, and read and study my bible.

- Who are your favorite people in your life? Why? My family and my team mates because they’re always there for me and I can depend on them

- Do you have a pet, if so, what and how many? I have 2 dogs, Jake, and Kelly, they’re a mix of yellow and white lab. When I was younger we also raised a bobcat which we had as a pet for several years before rehabilitating it into the wild.

- What is your favorite kind of food to eat? BBQ dove wrapped with onion, jalapeño, and bacon.

- Who do you consider your biggest influence in your life? My parents, and my sister and Brother-in-law

- What sacrifices have you made - or has your family made - so that you could shoot at this level?  I was homeschooled so that I could travel without missing school, I would do my school at tournaments and on the road a lot of the time

- What is the best place you’ve traveled for archery? Australia or the Yucatan