Coach of the Year Awards

USA Archery awards a variety of Coach awards including National Coach of the Year, Developmental Coach of the Year, Volunteer Coach of the Year, Paralympic Coach of the Year and the Doc Counsilman "Science" Award.

Easton Award

The Easton Award, named in honor of former FITA President James Easton, awards the top male and female compound senior archers who have the highest combined total score in the U.S. National Indoor, Field and Target Championships for that year.

Shenk Award

The Shenk Award, established in 1980 in honor of former NAA President Clayton Shenk, is presented to the senior male and female archer in the recurve division with the highest combined scores in the U.S. National Indoor, Field and Target Championships for that year.

Thompson Award

This award was founded in 1939 to honor the NAA's first President, J. Maurice Thompson. It is given to those who have rendered outstanding and meritorious service to archery without expectation of award. It is one of the most cherished honors the NAA confers.

Thompson Award Winners

  • 1939: Paul Klopsted
  • 1940: Louis Smith
  • 1941: Korekoyo Duryee
  • 1942: Henry Cummings
  • 1943: Karl Palmatier
  • 1944: John Yount
  • 1945: Harold Titcomb
  • 1947: W. Burton Westcott
  • 1948: Robert Elmer
  • 1949: Roy Case
  • 1950: Clarence Hickman
  • 1953: Ray and Bea Hodgson
  • 1957: Paul Crouch
  • 1959: Clayton Shenk
  • 1963: Howard Hill
  • 1966: Wade Kirkwood
  • 1968: Carry Brownell
  • 1972: Doug Easton
  • 1977: Earl Hoyt Jr. and Fred Bear
  • 1980: George Helwig
  • 1981: Margaret Klann
  • 1984: Ann Hoyt
  • 1987: Jim Easton and Peter Ueberroth
  • 1989: Robert Rhode
  • 1991: Karl Radde
  • 1993: Harry Drake
  • 1996: Myrtle K. and Edward Miller
  • 2003: Bud Fowkes and Tom Green
  • 2006: Bud Simon
  • 2012: Bob Ryder

Distinguished Judge Service Award

This award is given to a USA Archery Judge who has made significant contributions to the sport of archery and upholds the greatest ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. This award is peer voted by USA Archery Judges and is presented at USA Archery’s Outdoor Nationals.

Recipients of the Distinguished Judge Service Award

  • 2016: Tom Green

George Helwig JOAD Award

The George Helwig JOAD Award is presented to an individual who has shown continuous support of the Junior Olympic Archery Development program throughout the years. Recipients of this lifetime achievement award have gone above and beyond in their involvement and service to the sport of archery and have made a significant impact on their local or surrounding communities. This award is named for the 1960 founder of JOAD, George Helwig. George was the inaugural recipient of this lifetime honor. In addition to a lifetime of efforts to grow and support youth archery, Mr. Helwig participated in three Olympic Games, was active in World Archery for 31 years and was awarded numerous medals, honors and awards, including the National Archery Association's (now USA Archery’s) medal of honor.

Recipients of the George Helwig JOAD Award

  • 1986: George Helwig
  • 1987: Ann Clark
  • 1988: Mildred and Charles Pierson
  • 1989: Clayton Shenk
  • 1991: Deborah Blum
  • 1993: Ann Weber Hoyt 
  • 1995: Earl Meyers
  • 1998: Lawrence Bud Simon
  • 1999: Don Branson and Christine McCartney
  • 2009: Jane Johnson
  • 2015: Phil Hoelle
  • 2016: Tom Barker

The Margaret Klann Collegiate Coach of the Year Award

Margaret Klann, known as “the mother of collegiate archery,” was the coach at Arizona State University from 1963 to 1976. In 1966, she was instrumental in creating the first national collegiate archery championship and creating the first All-American Team. Coach Klann died in September 2000 and this annual award is presented in her honor to the collegiate archery coach of the year. The award is voted on and presented at each year’s NOCC.

Recipients of the Margaret Klann Collegiate Coach of the Year Award

  • 1975: Margaret L. Klann, Arizona State University
  • 1976: Lorraine Paszczola, San Bernardino Valley College
  • 1977: MaryAnne Schumm, East Stroudsburg State College
  • 1978: Betsy Enger, Mt. San Antonio College
  • 1979: Mildred Ayers, Palomar College
  • 1980: Helen Bolnick, Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 1981: Margaret Horn, James Madison University
  • 1982: Marge Callahan, California State University, Los Angeles
  • 1983: Sheri Rhodes, Arizona State University
  • 1984: Sally Caskey, Case-Western Reserve University
  • 1985: Dr. Jack Pate, Pima Community College
  • 1986: Joslyn Brown, Phoenix Community College
  • 1987: Marion Rhodes, Glendale Community College
  • 1988: Julia Bowers, Millersville State University
  • 1989: Frank Thomas, Texas A&M University
  • 1990: Al Lizzio, Columbia University
  • 1991: Karen Cearly, University of Texas, Austin
  • 1992: Foster Gorman, Navajo Community College
  • 1993: Bruce Affrunti, Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 1994: Irene Collier, Jenkins University of Texas, Austin
  • 1995: Bob Ryder, James Madison University
  • 1996: Norm Gram, Michigan State University
  • 1997: Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas, Texas A&M University
  • 1998: Helen Bolnick, Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 1999: No award was given
  • 2000 tie: Glen Harris, Shoreline Community College
  • 2000 tie: Stan Pennypacker, Penn State University
  • 2001: Tom Parrish, University of Texas, Austin
  • 2002 tie: Kathy Eissinger, Texas A&M
  • 2002 tie: Glen Harris, Shoreline Community
  • 2003: Frank Thomas, Texas A&M University
  • 2004: Robert Ryder, James Madison University
  • 2005: Pat Madison, Georgia College and State University
  • 2006: Helen Bolnick, Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 2007: Robert Ryder, James Madison University
  • 2008: Helen Bolnick, Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 2015: Rodney Estrada, Georgia Institute of Technology-Yellow Jacket Archery Club
  • 2016: Stanley Cheng