Coaches teach athletes skills they need in order to improve and succeed in their particular sport. Those who become coaches are knowledgable and passionate about their sport, find instructing others highly rewarding, and get a great amount of satisfaction from seeing their skaters grow as athletes and individuals. And yes, we are not denying, that seeing your athletes on top of a podium is really cool too. 


(Level 1 & 2 can be taken as a "home study", Level 3 is course attendance ONLY) *Please note that you have to be 15 years of age to start your coaching education. You will not be fully certified before your 16th birthday.  

Step 1:
  • Check Events Calendar for available Coaching Courses.  
  • Find an event close to you > Register online.  
  • If there are no courses offered at this time > Proceed with Step #2 below.  
Step 2:
  • Log into your USS membership profile and click on 'Certification Application'. Select the appropriate certification and add. Your application will be in a 'pending approval' state while USS is reviewing your application.
Step 3:
  • Once we approved your online application we will send you a dropbox link with all needed materials
Step 4:
  • You can work on all requirements and upload the completed items in your USS membership profile under 'Documents'. Level 1 has to be completed within one year from application. Level 2 & 3 have to be completed within two years.  
Step 5:
  • If all requirements are fulfilled your coaching certification will move from 'action required' to 'current'. If you are unsure what you are missing simply click on 'action required' button and it will show you your missing items.